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Organic Chemistry

MCAT Study Cards

Substrate: NaH and aldehyde/ketone enolate formation
Substrate: LDA and aldehyde/ketone enolate formation, approaches least hindered carbon
Substrate: NaOH + H2O and aldehyde aldol condensation
Substrate: NaOH + H2O, heat, and aldehyde aldol condensation with elimination
Substrate: NaCO3 and aldol with double bond retro-aldol
Substrate: H2O and aldehyde/ketone hydration
Substrate: TsOH, heat, ketone, and OH----OH protecting group
Substrate: aldehyde, 1.Ag, OH, NH3, 2. H3O+ oxdizing aldehyde (add OH group)
Substrate: NaBH4, EtOH, and primary or secondary aldehyde alcohol formation
Substrate: 1. LAH, ether, 2. H3O+, carboxylic acid alcohol formation
Substrate: carboxylic acid, primary amine, DCC amide formation
Substrate: aldehyde, primary amine, HCl imine formation
Substrate: aldehyde, secondary amine, HCl enamine formation
Substrate: alcohol and Jones carboxylic acid formation
Substrate: alcohol and PCC aldehyde
Substrate: carboxylic acid, 1. NaOH, 2. Acyl chloride acid anhydride formation
Substrate: carboxylic acid, 1. Br2, PBr3, 2. H2O alpha substitution of carboxylic acid with bromine
Substrate: ketone, alcohol, H2SO4 ester formation
Substrate: carboxylic acid, R'OH, HCl esterification
1H NMR 6.5-8 aromatic
1H NMR 5-6 alkene
1H NMR 9-10 aldehyde
1H NMR 0-1.8 alkyl
1H NMR 2 alkyne
1H NMR 2.5-4.5 halogen, OR, amine
IR 1735-1680 C=O
IR 1680-1620 C=C
IR 2260-2100 C triple bond
IR 2260-2220 CN
IR 3300-2700 C-C
IR 3150-2500, md N-H
IR 3650-3200, br O-H
Substrate: ketone, 1. MgBr-CR, ether, 2. H3O+ carbon additions
Tollen's reagent Ag, and Benedict's reagent Cu reduce sugars with hemiacetal groups
Ksp solubility principle Ksp = concentrations of products # > Ksp results in precipitation
principal quantum number size of an electron cloud
angular quantum number shape of an orbital
magnetic quantum number orientation in space of a particular orbital
degree of unsaturation (2C + 2 + N-X-H)/2
HCl strong acid
HBr strong acid
HI strong acid
HNO3 strong acid
HClO3 strong acid
HClO4 strong acid
H2SO4 strong acid
LiOH strong base
NaOH strong base
KOH strong base
RbOH strong base
CsOH strong base
Ca(OH)2 strong base
Sr(OH)2 strong base
Ba(OH)2 strong base
Created by: missmartian