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How has recent immigration changed the United States? 1) Increased diversity 2) Changed American identity
From what two regions of the world have most immigrants come in the last 40 years? 1) Asia 2) Latin America
What is Latin America? Mexico, Central America, and South America
What have been 2 reasons for recent immigration? 1) Political freedom 2) Economic opportunity
Give 2 examples of contemporary immigrants who have come to the United States for both political freedom and economic opportunity. 1) Cubans 2) South Vietnamese
Why have most Mexicans and other Latin Americans immigrated to the United States? Economic opportunity
What 6 issues has recent immigration raised? 1) Strain on government services 2) Need to fill low-paying jobs 3) Border issues 4) Pathway to citizenship 5) Bilingual education 6) Cultural diversity
Why has immigration placed a strain on government services? State governments must allow the children of illegal immigrants to attend public schools.
What types of jobs have recent immigrants often filled? Low-paying jobs that native-born Americans don’t want
What has become a big issue in states that border Mexico? Border issues
Where has policing the borders to prevent illegal immigration become expensive for local governments? 1) Arizona 2) New Mexico 3) Texas
Who’s concerned about the pathway to citizenship? 1) Illegal immigrants who want to stay in the U.S. 2) Native-born Americans who’re afraid immigrants will take their jobs
Where has bilingual education become a major issue? States with large Hispanic populations
Give 2 examples of increasing cultural diversity in the U.S. 1) Signs in Spanish on city highways and in public places 2) Demands by Latino communities for greater recognition and respect
What are 3 contributions of contemporary immigrants? 1) Music, visual arts, and literature 2) Roles in the labor force 3) Achievements in science, engineering, and other fields
What program was a triumph of American technology? American space program
What president pledged increased support for the space program and challenged America to go to the moon? John F. Kennedy
What space race happened during the 1960s? Race to the moon
What astronaut was the first American to orbit the earth? John Glenn
Who was the first person to step on the moon’s surface? Neil Armstrong
Who said, “That’s one small step for [a] man; one giant leap for mankind”? Neil Armstrong
Who was the first female astronaut in the United States? Sally Ride
Who was the first American woman in space? Sally Ride
What are 3 examples of recent technological advances? 1) Space exploration 2) Communications 3) Robotics
What is robotics? Technology that uses computer-controlled robots to perform tasks
What are 4 technological advances related to space exploration? 1) Space shuttle 2) Mars rover 3) Voyager missions 4) Hubble telescope
What government agency is NASA? National Aeronautics and Space Administration
For what purpose did NASA develop the space shuttle program? For manned missions into space
What did the Mars rover do? Robotic exploration of the planet Mars
What was the purpose of the Voyager missions? Unmanned exploration to the outer planets
How has the Hubble telescope been important? Hubble imagery has rewritten astronomy textbooks
What are 3 examples of technological advances in communications? 1) Satellites 2) Global Positioning System (GPS) 3) Personal communication devices
What technological advances have given more Americans access to global information and brought changes in work, school, and health care? 1) Cable Television (24 hr. news channels) 2) Personal Computers 3) Cellular Telephones 4) World Wide Web
Give 3 examples of technological advances in personal communication devices. 1) Cell phones 2) The iPhone 3) The iPad
How have advances in technology in recent decades led to changes in work, school, and health care? 1) Telecommuting 2) On-Line course work 3) Growth of service industries 4) Breakthroughs in medical research 5) Outsourcing and off-shoring
What recent technology has allowed workers to do their jobs from home? Telecommuting through the Internet
What recent technology has opened up educational possibilities through distance learning? The Internet
What industries have grown because of rapid change in the technology field? Service industries
What types of jobs in the service industries were created by technological advances? 1) Computer technicians 2) On-line retail sales 3) Customer service 4) On-line business transactions
How has technology in the 2nd half of the 20th century affected medical research? Important breakthroughs in medical research
Give examples of breakthroughs in medical research that have resulted from advances in technology. 1) Improved medical diagnostic and imaging technologies 2) Medical robotics
Give one example of an improvement in medical diagnostic and imaging technology. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
What is a MRI? A noninvasive medical test that helps physicians diagnose and treat medical conditions
In what 2 ways have advances in technology hurt the American worker? 1) Outsourcing and off-shoring 2) Robotics
Explain how outsourcing and off-shoring have hurt the American worker. Because of modern telecommunications, American corporations can hire overseas workers, who work for lower wages than Americans.
How has robotics affected American industry? Robots have taken factory jobs from American workers.
Created by: wzuger
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