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Praxis II SS WH

Praxis II SS World History Practice Test

Which practice is Martin L. attacking? " wicked are the doing of those priests who..." A.Catholic Church spread humanism B.Luther disagreed w/ predestination C Many religious leaders sold indulgences D.Catholic popes were too concerned w/ worldly affairs C. Many religious leaders sold indulgences
Silk Road was a: 1Route of abt 2000 miles btwn China&Egypt 2.path connect China toAntioch&Constantinople that passed bodies of water 3road n China where ppl met to trade gold 4silk Dcaravan route btwn China&RomanEmpire used to carry goods/spread religion 4. Caravan route between China and the Roman Empire used for transporting goods and spreading religion
Which of the following best describes an oligarchy? A. gov't ruled by a few B. gov't ruled by the people, or many C. gov't ruled by a king or queen D. gov't ruled by women A. government ruled by a few
Ceasar, Crassus, and Pompey formed a powerful government coalition called: A. Republic of the People B. Triumvirate C. Consuls D. Patricians B. Triumvirate
All of the cultures EXCEPT which one influenced Islamic art and architecture? A. Chinese B. Arab C. Turkish D. Persian A. Chinese
All of the following forces led to Europe's economic growth during the Middle Ages EXCEPT: A. improved agricultural methods B. Classical texts that were translated and reintroduced into Europe C. Increased trade D. Development of a money economy B. Classical texts that were translated and reintroduced into Europe
The Portuguese made effective use of naval technology for transportation. Which of the following was NOT helpful to the Portuguese? A. Compass B. Lateen sails C. Heavy cannons D. Astroloabe C. Heavy cannons
What is the essential message of Don Quixote by Cervantes? A. risk everything for ones true love B. worship freely and protect ones political privileges C. try to keep peace with neighbors, not love war or overspend D. balance visionary dreams w/ reality D. One needs to balance visionary dreams with the reality of hard work in life
The controversy that led to the English "Glorious Revolution" was: A. a Tudor-Stuart struggle for the throne B. restoration of a monarch in England C. increased religious freedom from Catholics D. power struggle btwn Parliament and the king D. power struggle between Parliament and the king
How were the Ottoman and the Mogul rulers similar? A. controlled the Indian subcontinent B. Principally Shiite Muslims C. Although Muslims, they tolerated other religions D. Invaded and then controlled the Balkans for about a century C. Although Muslims, they tolerated other religions
The Great Peloponnesian War from 432 BCE to 405 BCE immediately resulted in A. Age of Pericles B. Hellenistic Era C. the weakening of the Athenian city-state D. rise of literature and histroy C. weakening of the Athenian city-state
In general, women in ancient India: A. could not get an edu or inherit property B. passed down the Vedas to the younger generation C. traded with Chinese merchants D. became a force in politics A. could not get an education or inherit property
All of the following are factors that helped spread Enlightenment ideas throughout Europe EXCEPT: A. discussion in salons B. Use of the scientific method C. Growth of publishing and reading D. Writings of philosophers and other Enlightenment thinkers B. Use of the scientific method
Which economic event precipitated the American Revolution? A. Three estates were established in France, determining taxation B. Britain taxed colonists C. The Bastille falls D. Government finances nearly collapsed in France B. Britain taxed colonists
How did the Impressionists radically change the art of painting in the 1870s? A. used art to represent reality B. followed Picasso & painted geometric to show reality C. worked w/ photographers to imitate life D. rejected studios artist usually painted in D. rejected the studios where artists had traditionally worked and went out into the countryside to paint nature directly
The role Russia played in WWI can best be described as: A. a strong supporter of Germany and Austria B. a strong supporter of France and Great Britain C. a weak role due to the Russian Revolution D. militarily strong because of its vast army C. a weak role due to the Russian Revolution
What were the British motives for protecting Latin American states? A. British wanted to trade with Latin America B. The middle class was growing in Latin America C. The United States was gaining control D. The panama Canal was constructed A. The British wanted to trade with Latin America
Which of the following was a consequence of British colonial rule in India? A. defeat of the Mogul dynasty B. Popularity of the joint-stock company C. expansion of resources D. Berlin Conference of 1884 C. The exploration of resources
Which item was NOT imported form China? A. Tea B. Silk C. Silver D. Porcelain C. Silver
Created by: cmfowler