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War on Terrorism

VUS.13e, VUS.15f

What happened on 9/11/2001? Islamic terrorist crashed 2 jets into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City
Who was president at the time of the 9/11 attack? George W. Bush
What event has most influenced American domestic and international policy in the 21st century? 9/11 terrorist attack
What 2 means has the U.S. government used to confront terrorism internationally? 1) Diplomatic 2) Military
What organization claimed responsibility for the 9/11 attacks on the United States? Al-Qaeda
Who was the leader of Al-Qaeda? Osama bin Laden
How did President Bush respond to the 9/11 attacks? Declared a war on terrorism
What law did Congress pass in response to the 9/11 terrorist attack? Patriot Act
What was the goal of the Patriot Act? To make it easier for the federal government to catch and prosecute terrorists, who threaten the U.S.
What has been the major criticism of the Patriot Act? It weakens the constitutional protection of civil liberties.
What was Operation Enduring Freedom? A military attack on the Taliban government of Afghanistan
Why did the Bush administration go to war in Afghanistan? 1) Taliban government had given shelter to bin Laden. 2) Taliban government had allowed Al-Qaeda to train terrorists inside Afghanistan.
What organization helped the American military remove the Taliban from power in Afghanistan? NATO
What have the Taliban and Al-Qaeda continued to do in Afghanistan since the overthrow of the Taliban government? 1) Opposed American efforts to remove terrorists from Afghanistan 2) Opposed American efforts to set up a stable democratic government
Is the U.S. military still involved in the War in Afghanistan? Yes
What 2 charges did President George w. Bush make against Iraq? 1) Iraq was stockpiling weapons of mass destruction. 2) Iraq was developing nuclear weapons.
What types of weapons are weapons of mass destruction? 1) Chemical weapons 2) Biological weapons
What did President Bush fear Iraq might do with weapons of mass destruction? Give them to terrorists for use against the United States and its allies
What action did the U.S. take against Iraq in March 2003? Invaded Iraq
Who was the leader of Iraq, when the U.S. invaded? Saddam Hussein
What happened to the Iraqi government, when the U.S. invaded? It collapsed.
What happened to Saddam Hussein? 1) Captured by American forces 2) Later was executed
Why did Saddam Hussein’s overthrow fail to bring peace to Iraq? Ethnic and religious differences divided the Iraqi people.
Why type of government did President Bush want to set up in Iraq? A democracy that protects minority rights
What were 2 results of the American occupation of Iraq? 1) Iraqi opposition to the American military occupation 2) Increased violence
What 2 forms did the increased violence in Iraq take? 1) Suicide bombings 2) Attacks by insurgent forces (people against the government)
Did the U.S. military find any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? No
When the War in Iraq dragged on, what happened to American support for the war and for President George W. Bush? 1) Support for the war decreased 2) Bush’s popularity dropped
Who won the 2008 presidential election? Barrack Obama
How did President Barrack Obama make history? First African-American president
Created by: wzuger