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Collapse Communism


Who called the Soviet Union "an evil empire"? Ronald Reagan
What was the basis of President Reagan's defense policy? A massive military buildup
What action did President Reagan take in Western Europe? Put new nuclear missiles in Western Europe
What effect did the arms race with the U.S. have on the Soviet Union? Forced the Soviet Union to increase its military budget to keep up with the U.S.
What was the state of the communist economy in the Soviet Union during the 1980s? 1) Inefficient 2) Terrible
What Soviet leader was known for "Glasnost" and "Perestroika"? Mikhail Gorbachev
What is the Russian word for openness? Glasnost
What was the name of Gorbachev's policy of encouraging freedom of expression in the Soviet Union? Glasnost
What Russian word referred to restructuring Soviet society? Perestroika
What type of restructuring did Perestroika do? Economic restructuring
With what movement did Gorbachev have to deal inside the Soviet Union? Nationalism in the Soviet republics
What were the 2 sources of external pressure on the Soviet government under Gorbachev? 1) East European satellites 2) President Reagan
What countries were Soviet satellites after World War II? Countries of Eastern Europe
What does one call a nation that is formally independent, but dominated by another country? A satellite
What was the name of the revolutionary labor movement in Poland during the 1980s? Solidarity
Who said, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall"? President Ronald Reagan
What structure divided East Berlin from West Berlin during the Cold War? The Berlin Wall
What was the best known symbol of the Cold War? The Berlin Wall
What was the communist part of Berlin during the Cold War? East Berlin
What was the democratic part of Berlin during the Cold War? West Berlin
Why was the Berlin Wall built? To prevent people from escaping from communist East Berlin to democratic West Berlin
What happened to the Berlin Wall in 1989? It was torn down.
What happened to Germany in 1990? Reunified under the democratic West German government
What happened to the Soviet Union in 1991? It fell apart or collapsed.
What were the three Baltic republics in the Soviet Union? 1) Estonia 2) Latvia 3) Lithuania
What action did the Baltic republics take in 1991? Declared their independence from the Soviet Union
What precedent did the Baltic republics set in 1991? Other Soviet republics could declare independence from the Soviet Union.
What political party was taken apart in the Soviet Union in 1991? The Soviet communist party
What did Gorbachev do on Christmas Day, 1991? Resigned and said the Soviet Union had ended as a nation
What war, which began in 1945, ended by the end of 1991? The Cold War
Created by: wzuger
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