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Vietnam War


Did the Cold War help Virginia's economy? Yes
In what parts of Virginia was military spending most important during the Cold War? 1) Hampton Roads 2) Northern Virginia
What Cold War policy got the U.S. involved in Vietnam? Containment
What European country controlled Indochina as a colony? France
Who was the leader of the Vietnamese independence movement from France? Ho Chi Minh
Why didn't the U.S. like Ho Chi Minh? Ho Chi Minh was a communist.
What type of government did North Vietnam have? Communist
What type of government did South Vietnam have? Non-communist
What was the name of the South Vietnamese communists who wanted to overthrow the South Vietnamese government? Vietcong
What president gave economic and military aid to the French and later to South Vietnam? Eisenhower
What president began the American military buildup in South Vietnam? John F. Kennedy
What happened to President Kennedy? Assassinated
What president escalated (increased) American military involvement in the Vietnam War? Lyndon B. Johnson
What anti-communist policy did the United States follow in Vietnam? Containment
How many American troops did the United States have stationed in Vietnam in 1968? More than 500,000
Who won the 1968 presidential election? Richard Nixon
What was Nixon's pledge in the 1968 presidential campaign? "Peace with Honor"
What was Vietnamization? Nixon's plan to turn over the war to the South Vietnamese army and withdraw American troops
Did Vietnamization succeed or fail? Failed
What two communist countries supplied the North Vietnamese Army? 1) Soviet Union 2) Communist China
What political scandal forced President Nixon to resign? Watergate
What happened in Vietnam? North Vietnam took over South Vietnam and made it one country under communist rule.
Who was president when the Vietnam War ended? Gerald Ford
What did the Twenty-Sixth Amendment do? Lowered the voting age from 21 to 18
Who was President Nixon's most important Secretary of State? Henry Kissinger
What was the relationship between the Soviet Union and communist China in the early 1970s? Competed for power
With what country did President Nixon begin to establish formal diplomatic relations in 1972? Communist China
Who was the leader of communist China in 1972? Mao Zedong
Who was the Soviet Union's leader in 1972? Leonid Brezhnev
What did SALT stand for? Strategic Arms Limitation Talks
Name the Soviet-American discussions to establish limits on the number of nuclear weapons. SALT talks
Name the first treaty to establish limits on the number of nuclear weapons held by the United States and the Soviet Union. SALT Treaty
Created by: wzuger