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Praxis II SS LX

Praxis II Social Studies Practice Test

While bodies of water separate most of the continents, the people in Europe and Asia have been separated by: A. Russia B. the prime meridian C. the Ural Mountains D. the Red Sea C. the Ural Mountains
What is the minimum age to be eligible to be the U.S. president, according to the constitution? A. 18 B. 25 C. 30 D. 35 D. 35
Euclid, a mathematician also known as the Father of Geometry, revolutionized the field of mathematics about 2,300 years ago, in the ancient civilization of: A. Egypt B. Rome C. Angkor Wat D. Mesopotamia A. Egypt
The aspect of the Ford Model T that transformed the American automobile industry was its: A. style B. high speed C. affordability D. safety measures C. affordability
The economic principles of laissez-faire state that a government should: A. prevent industrial monopolies from developing B. provide healthcare to all citizens C. tax its wealthier residents at a higher rate D. allow industry to bloom w/o intervention D. allow industry to bloom without intervention
Which was the deadliest U.S. war in terms of American lives lost? A. Revolutionary War B. Civil War C. WWI D. WWII B. Civil War
Which of the following countries was never colonized by a European country? A. India B. Thailand C. Laos D. Australia B. Thailand
Each of the following events contributed to the American colonies initiating the Revolutionary War EXCEPT A. Boston Massacre B. passage of the Stamp Act C. Louisiana Purchase D. passage of the Tea Act C. Louisiana Purchase
The Hoover Dam was most important for the develop't of the West because it: Aprevented flooding of Lake Mead Bencouraged growth of populations of native fish Ccreated a route for cars to cross Colorado River Dprovided electric power to the western states D. Provided electric power to the western states
Which is an example of a primary source about the Am. Revolutionary War? A. series of letters by George W during war B. book 1776, written by historian David McCullough C. Revolutionary War reenactment organization D. college-level textbook about Rev War A. a series of letters written by George Washington during the war
Which of the following groups reached the Americas before the others? A. Christopher Columbus and his expedition B. the Pilgrims from England C. the Vikings from Scandinavia D. Ponce de Leon and his expedition C. the Vikings from Scandonavia
A government that is defined as oligarchic: A. is controlled by a single ruler for life B. believes in the abolishment of the class system C. is governed by a small group of elites D. has free and open elections C. is governed by a small group of elites
Northwest Passage refers to: route over N Pole taken by aircraft seeking shortest distance to destination B. sea route through Arctic Ocean, made navigable by melting ice created by climate change C. rail line connecting US from east to west B. sea route through the Arctic Ocean, made more navigable by the melting ice created by climate change
In a capitalistic system, demand and price are generally set by: A. market forces B. elected leaders C. leading economists D. private companies A. market forces
The expansive stretch of land between the east and west coasts of Australia is largely uninhabited by people b/c: A. dangerous dingo populations B. jails set up in the areas C. overgrazing form farm animals D. low and inconsistent rainfall D. low and inconsistent rainfall
The poll tax was outlawed by the Twenty-Fourth Amendment because: A. the revenue generated form the tax was insignificant B. a tariff interferes with a citizen's right to vote C. elections had become efficient enough to not necessitate their own tax B. a tariff interferes with a citizen's right to vote
For about 47 years, from 1912 to 1959, the official design of the US flag did not change. How many stars did the flag have during this period? A. 47 B. 48 C. 49 D. 50 B. 50
Which of these events triggered US involvement in the WWII conflict? A. German invasion of Poland B. assassination of Archduke Ferdinand C. attack of Pearl Harbor D. dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima C. the attack on Pearl Harbor
The basic tenet of the New Deal was to A. provide relief for America's poor and unemployed B. split the railroad monopolies to protect the public interest C. forcibly integrate America's public schools D. limit the numbers of immigrants entering the US A. provide relief for America's poor and unemployed
One drawback to a Eurocentric curriculum in SS class is it: info about British monarchy B.too much emphasis on dates and names, not inquiry C.over stresses lesser important leaders in Asia and US D.does not reflect sociocultural realities of society D. does not reflect the sociocultural realities of society
Angkor Thom, once the thriving capital of the Khmer Empire, is located in which Southeast Asian country? A. Thailand B. Cambodia C. Vietnam D. Laos B. Cambodia
Explanation of why the cost of fruits and veggies in Japan can be higher than other countries. does not have technology to harvest f&v efficiently B.seeds for f&v do not exist on island of Japan C.not much land available for crops, must import C. not much land is available for crops, so Japan must import the fruits and vegetables from other places
On July 20, 1969, the US became the first country to land a man on the moon. What was the name of the first American astronaut to walk on the moon? A. Buzz Aldrin B. John Glenn C. Alan Shepherd D. Neil Armstrong D. Neil Armstrong
The conclusion of WWII led to the formation of which of the following countries? A. Czechoslovakia B. Israel C. USSR D. Italy B. Israel
Which of the following countries initially used the island of Australia as a penal colony for criminals? A. New Zealand B. the United States C. Great Britain D. Russia C. Great Britain
The formation of Long Island is largely a result of: A. rocks created from volcanic overflow B. land left over after retreat of glaciers C. receding sea waters from Long Island Sound D. landfill created by early settlers to the New York City area B. Land left over after the retreat of glaciers
Created by: cmfowler
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