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The struggle indepen

Junior Cert History

Independence To rule yourself
Act of Union Meant Britain ruled Ireland
Westminster Place in London where houses of Parliament are
Home Rule Rule Ireland from Dublin
John Redmond Leader of Home Rule party
Nationalists Wanted independence
Unionists Wanted to stay with Britain
Edward Carson Unionist Leader
Liberals Supported Home-Rule
Conservatives Opposed Home-Rule
Veto To stop something
Home rule bill 3 Bill to become law in 2 years
Solemn League and Covenant Protestant signed it that were against Home Rule
Ulster Volunteer Force Protestant armed group
Larne Port where protestants got weapons
Irish Volunteer Force Catholic armed group
Eoin Mac Neill Leader of IVF
Howth Port where IVF got weapons
Republicans Wanted total independence from Britain
Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB) Republican group
1916 Proclamation Declared Ireland to be Independent
Aud Ship with weapons
Kilmainham Jail Place where leaders of 1916 were executed
Frongoch Welsh prison camp
Created by: Dayna Amrein