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modern studies

what is the 2nd most spoken language in the USA Spanish
why do immigrants come to the USA better human rights better health care political freedom
why is immigration not a good thing because immigrants accept very low paid jobs which means all workers get paid the same
why is immigration good they fill in spaces for unskilled jobs
which is the richest group asians
which is the poorest group native americans
which are the only group to have come from the usa native americans
what is the American dream the American dream is that everyone no matter religion or race has an equal opportunity of becoming rich if they work hard
where are all the rights written on the bill of rights
what does inequalities mean inequalities' means anything got to do with conditions of society
what ethnic group is most likely to live in ghettos blacks
name all 5 ethnic groups blacks Hispanics whites native Americans Asians
which group is most likely to drop out of school Hispanics
why do Hispanics drop out of schools language barriers
what 2 groups face a lot of discrimination blacks and Hispanics
why is it important to have health insurance because paying by cash can be very expensive
why aren't most Hispanics allowed free health insurance because they are illegal immigrants
name the 2 types of government health insurance medic care and medic aid
which group is most likely not to have health insurance Hispanics
name the 2 types of economic inequalities poverty and employment
which group is most likely to be living in poverty and be unemployed blacks
name 2 ways in which minorities have become more successful affirmative action , work fare
explain affirmative action affirmative action is when top colleges and universities have to put aside jobs for minorities
give a reason why affirmative action is good minorities become richer and have better economic progress
give a reason against affirmative action some white students looking for a place in colleges and universities don't get a place even if they had better qualifications
what is a constitution a set of rules that explain what the American government can and cant do
name the 3 branches president , supreme court , congress
what does the supreme court do they protect the constitution by making sure that any new laws which are passed aren't against the constitution
what does the congress do pass laws , approve budgets and declare war
name the 2 houses of the congress senate and house of representatives
what does the president do can ask congress to make new laws , commander of armed forces , approves and disapproves of new laws and appoints supreme court judges
which branch is the strongest none there all the same
name a right the right to vote
name a responsibility not to slander the government
name a way in which Americans participate in elections voting , standing as candidate , campaigning for a political part
which ethnic group is most likely not to vote Hispanics
why don't some Hispanic vote because of language barrier or because they are illegal immigrants
why don't some blacks vote because of lack of role models
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