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Industrial revolutio

Junior Cert History

Domestic Industry industry in the home
Eclosure Having ditches and walls in fields
crop rotation changing crops from one field to another each year
selective breeding mating the best breeds of animals
turnpike trusts tolls on the roads to pay for the upkeep of roads
tolls paying to use the new roads
canal man made river
Hargreaves inventor of the "spinning Jenny"
Spinning Jenny Invention-8 spools of thread could be used on it
Iron/Steel metal-Resource, strong
mills Factories
Telford and Macadam Improved roads
Urbanisation Towns grew around the factories
slums Poor areas of the towns
Robert Owen Scottish factory owner (nice guy)
Leisure time spare time for past times and travel
coal mines underground-where coal was take from
trappers coalmine workers
Created by: Dayna Amrein