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History Exam


agricultural revolution any of several revolutionary changes that have occurred in the agricultural practices of societies throughout history
artifact The definition of an artifact is something made by humans and often is a primitive tool, structure, or part of a functional item.
artisan a skilled worker
australopithecines a humanlike primates
barter trade
bronze age A period of human culture between the Stone Age and the Iron Age
cro-magnons a prehistoric person
culture a particular set of customs, morals, codes and traditions from a specific time and place.
cuneiform wedge-shaped
domestication taming wild animals
homo sapien scientific name for human beings
homo erectus another species of extinct human beings
homo habillus another species of extinct human beigns
hominid two legged primates
hunter-gatherer a member of a culture that gathers food
irrigation the operation of having water flow over the lands to nourish plants
Lucy the skeletal remains of a female hominid
Mary Leaky she discovered the first fossilized Proconsul skull
neanderthals primitive
neolithic age age of chipped stone tools
neolithic revolution a fundamental change in the way people lived
nomad a group that wanders around
paleolithic age age of stone tools
prehistoric denoting the period before written records
scribe a person who copies manuscripts
slash and burn farming Slash and burn farming is a form of shifting agriculture where the natural vegetation is cut down and burned as a method of clearing the land for cultivation.
specialization an area of focus chosen by a company or individual
Sumerian a person who lives in Sumer
Ziggurat a temple tower
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