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American Revelution

Information from The American Journey for grade 7.

The contract that made the Appalachain Mountains the Border. Land past the mountains was taken away. Proclamation of 1763
Act passed to stop illegal smuggling by lowering taxes on molasses. People had to prove their innocence. The Sugar Act
The act that put stamps on all printed documents.Put on without the colonists consent. Stamp Act
Act that forced to home the British soldiers. Any abandon buildings had to fixed up for remaining soldiers. Quatering Act
Act that put tax on all imported goods at arrival. Colonists started making their own goods. Townshend Act
An angry mob that taunted and scared British soldiers. Soldiers killed 5 people. The Boston Massacre
Act that put tax on tea to save the British East Company. Shops got in directly from the company. Tea Act
Men dressed as Native Americans and threw 342 barrels of the ship. Boston Tea Party
In response to the Bostions actions. Closed Boston Harbor, Took away town meetings in New England. Coercive/ Intolerable Acts
55 delagates came together and made rules such as no trade with England. People planned for war. Continental Congress
Paul Revere famously had his midnight run. A battle left 174 British injured and 73 killed. Lexington and Concord
Petition that stated the colonists want Peace and King George III to protect their rights, he declined though. Olive Branch Petition
Battle won by the British (after 3 tries) but lost over a 1,000 men. Battle of Bunker Hill
About 1/3 of the colonists stayed with Britain are called ____. Loyalists
About 1/3 of the colonists who wanted freedom are called ____. Patriots
How many Americans were undecided ? 1/3
A more organized army. Continental Army
German Troops. Hessians
A newspaper article written by Thomas Paine. Common Sense
A very important document written by Thomas Jefferson. Approved on July 4th 1776. Declaration of Independece
An introduction. Preamble
Who was freed if they fought in the war ? Slaves
Who had home advantage and help from France and Spain ? America
Who had a great navy and a lot of supplies ? England
Hired Soldiers. Mercanaries
How long could soldiers sign up for to be in the army ? 1 year
What Battle had Nate Hale become a spy and suffered a major loss ? Battle of Long Island
Who planned a surprise attack on Christmas ? George Washington
What did the British want to have control over ? The Hudson River
What city did the British capture ? Philidelphia
What Battle blocked the British from getting to Albany and made France think there was a chance of winning ? Battle of Saratoga
Created by: Knicks0103