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Mayan Civilization

Slash and burn farming techniques; cut trees and then burn them to provide ash enriched soil Methods to clear land for planting
Mayans from central America-Yucatan Peninsula (present day Belize and Guatemala, also parts of Mexico can to central American in the early 1500BC Pyramids, sophisticated mathematical and calendar system,
Language Hieroglyphics-pictures and symbols to record their thoughts and ideas
Religion 260 day calendar to keep track of religious ceremonies Pyramids were used as tombs and temples for religious ceremonies
Economy some trading farmed-squash, beans, corn, chili, peppers, cacao grew cotton-cloths grew sisal-rugs and rope mountains areas they had metals-such as obsidian, jade, cinnabar, and hematite
Education studying mathematics night sky (astronomy)
Government city-states each state own ruler when ruler dies son takes over as ruler
hunted turkeys, rabbits, and rodents (rats/mice)
What were the 2 Mayan calendars? 260 day calendar for religious purposes 365 day calendar for Agricultural reasons
What 2 gifts did the Mayan's give the world? Writing-own form of writing Calendar-Much of our present day calendar is based upon the Mayan 365 calendar
Where did the Mayan's live? Yucatan Pennisula-Central America (Presently Belize and Guatemala), also parts of Mexico
Created by: eeskin
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