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James G. Blaine His efforts resulted in the creation of the Pan-American Conference to improve economic ties among the Americas
Frederick Jackson Turner Wrote that "the dominant fact in American life has been expansion,", proven by the "extension of American influence to outlying islands and adjoining countries,"
Albert Beveridge Senator of Indiana and revived dreams of America becoming a commercial empire
Alfred Thayer Mahan Argued national power depended on navy, control of sea, and development of domestic resources and foreign markets
Josiah Strong Most ardent advocate of American missionary expansionism.
Admiral Dewey Admiral responsible for US victory at Manila Bay
General Valeriano Weyler "The Butcher." Spanish general known for his cruel tactics of subjugation.
Rudyard Kipling Poet who wrote "White Man's Burden"
William McKinley President during the Spanish-American War
Theodore Roosevelt Assistant Secretary to the Navy who would become a hero of the Spanish-American War and eventually a president.
Philander Knox Justified action in Honduras and Nicaragua by saying the Monroe Doctrine made the US responsible for order in Central America.
Yung Wing Had his citizenship revoked for going back to his homeland
William Howard Taft Roosevelt's successor and utilized "dollar diplomacy"
Kaiser Wilhelm II Underestimated the Anglo-American friendship and thought Roosevelt was supporting him.
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