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Civil Rights HGHS

Civil Rights Ch21

Ella Baker helped advised this student led movement SNCC
This man led the fight against inntegration in Birmingham Eugene "Bull" Connor
This conflict in the early 1940s led to an increase in Black Activism in the U.S.A. WW II
This man was a pro-segregationist governor of Arkansas in the 1950's Orval Faubus
This person, part of the Little Rock Nine found refuge at a bus stop Elizabeth Eckford
What was the plan to recruit white volunteers to help register African American voters called Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party
This person was killed for flirting, (Whistling at) with a white woman in Mississippi Emmett Till
The goal of this was to study the causes of urban violence in american cities in the 1960's Kerner Commission
The tactics of the Civil Rights Movement have been ineffective against this type of racism De Facto Segregation
"Whites only " public facilities were eliminated by this Civil Rights Act of 1964
It's goal was to persuade congress to pass a comprehensive civil rights act March on Washington in 1963
King and other black ministers formed what organization SCLC
Project C refers to the tactics used by the SCLC in what southern city Birmingham
What was the alternative to the regular Democratic Party in Mississippi called in 1964 Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party
Name one of the founders of the Black Panther Party Huey Newton and Bobby Seale
In 1954, What did Brown v. Board of Education accomplish Ended the doctrine of "Separate but Equal" being acceptable in public schools
By the mid -1960's, the change in urban black attitude was evident in this term Black Militancy
In Selma in 1965, King and the SCLC planned a march in order to attract attention for this key part of the movement's struggle Voting Rights
What outlawed racial discrimination in employment Civil Rights Act of 1964
The main reason Civil Rights workers recruited WHITE volunteers for the Miss. Freedom Summer Project was to gain national awareness of racial violence
Non-violent leader of India's fight for independence Mohandas Gandhi
1st African American woman in the House of Representatives Shirley Chisholm
NAACP leader murdered in Mississippi in 1963 Medgar Evers
Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights leader Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth
African American Supreme Court Justice who gained fame trying several cases Thurgood Marshall
Advocate of black superiority who was assassinated in New York in 1965 Malcolm X
Head of the Nation of Islam Elijah Muhammad
Iconic African American woman arrested for defying segregation laws in Montgomery, Alabama Rosa Parks
Leader of the Freedom Summer Project in Mississippi Robert Moses
Advocate of Gandhian non violence assassinated in Memphis, TN Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Black Civil Rights leader that advocated removing whites form the SNCC Stokely Carmichael
After seeing violence in other cities,this group was escorted safely into Jackson, Miss. by Federal officials Freedom Riders
These local laws established de jure segregation throughout the South Jim Crow Laws
This President sent the Army to Little Rock in 1957 Eisenhower
This established doctrine of legal segregation Plessy v. Fergusson
What gave African Americans the RIGHT to vote 15th Amendment
This controversial term became the political slogan of the SNCC in the Mid- 1960's Black Power
What set timetables for hiring minorities Affirmative Action Programs
What court decision said school districts must integrate "with all deliberate speed" Brown II
What African American Civil Rights leader taught King to demonstrate on a massive scale when possible A. Philip Randolph
Who was the first to use the tactic of a " Sit in" CORE
What urban Black leader stressed militant tactics for most of his public life Malcolm X
In order to be more spontaneous, less patient, young Blacks formed this new civil rights organization SNCC
Freedom Riders attempted to integrate what in the South Bus Terminals
Who was the man that shot Medgar Evers Byron de la Beckwith
Who was the man who shot Martin Luther King Jr. James Earl Ray
Who was alledgedly responsible for the Murder of Malcom X Elijah Muhammad or the Black Muslims
Who was the racist Governor of Alabama that resisted the integration of the University of Alabama George Wallace
What trip altered Malcolm X's view toward racial integration Mecca
America was outraged when 2 White and 1 Black volunteer were found murdered here Neshoba County Mississippi
Who was alledgedly responsible for Malcolm X's father's death KKK-White Supremacists
After splitting from the Nation of Islam Malcolm X formed this organization Organization of African American Unity-OAAU
What is considered Malcolm X's lasting contribution to the Civil Rights Movement Black Consciousness and Black Pride
What group of African Americans was Malcolm X most connected with Urban African Americans
Who was Martin Luther King Jr's inspiration for civil disobedience H. D. Thoreau
What type of segregation was Martin Luther King Jr. most instrumental in ending De Jure Segregation
Created by: Mr Schultz
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