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Ch. 7+8 S.S Test

Chapter 7 and 8 Pink notes test

What does Topography mean? Shape of Land and
In ancient Egypt, what was the main topography? the Nile River
Without what would there have been no Egyptian civilization? fertile river valley
Did the Egyptians take advantage of the resources that surroundedthem? yes
What types of things did the Egyptians like fresh water for? drinking, irrigating crops, food, and transportation
Where did the Egyptians get their fresh water from? the Nile River
The Egyptians took advantage of the reeds that grew along the banks of the Nile for what? making baskets
What was papyrus used for? making paper
The Mediterranean was good for what? trading with other countries and food;fish.
What was ancient Egypt's most important physical feature? The Nile River
Most settlements of Egypt and Kush were located near where? The Nile River
What made farming possible? The flooding of the nile river because it left behind rich nutrient laden silt that improved and enriched the soil.
Deserts are what? natural barriers
The desert that surrounded the Nile River valley helped the people of Egypt by doing what? Giving them protection from invaders
Why did ancient Egyptians make mummies to preserve pharaohs bodies? They believed in an afterlife were the bodies would come to life again
Why did Khufu declare that he was a god? to ensure that his power would be accepted by the Egyptians
What did Khufu have the Pyramid of Giza built for? His tomb
How long did it take to build Khufu's tomb? 20 years
How many bricks did it take to build Khufu's tomb? 2 million
The white chapel was built for who? Sunusret I
When did Sunusret Rule? The Middle kingdom
When did Khufu Rule? The Old kingdom
What did Sunusret do? He promoted art and literature and architecture during his reign
The New Kingdom was a period that is often called the Golden Age. This is a time when Egypt reached his height of power.
Hatshepsut was the first lady Pharaoh. What did she realize? She realized the importance of trade and she sent her ships to the African Kingdom of Punt to establish trade for luxury goods.
When did Hatshepsut rule? New Kingdom or Golden Age
How long did Pharaoh Ramses II rule for? Over 60 years
What did Ramses II do? He had monuments built for himself all over Egypt
When did Ramses II rule? During the New Kingdom
How old was King Tut when he started to rule? 9 or 10
How old was Kind Tut when he ruled? 18 years old
What was Kind Tut's tomb filled with? Many artifacts that taught the modern world much about ancient Egypt
When did Kind Tut rule? The New Kingdom, before Ramses II
Created by: MeghanKea16



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