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Pennsylvania Quakers +++.
Plymouth Separatists +++.
Massachusetts Puritans +++.
James Town 1607 Economic Venture by the Virginia Company of London $$$.
Roanoke Island Lost colony Economic Colony $$$.
Georgia Settled by debtors $$$$.
3 Religious Colonies ++++++ Plymouth, Massachusetts Bay, and Pennsylvania.
3 Economic Colonies $$$$$ Roanoke, Jamestown, and Georgia.
Religious and economic The reasons why people settle in America from England.
Specialization focusing on one or a few products which cased colonist to be more independent.
Interdependence Two or more people depending on each other for goods and resources.
New England Colony Cold climate with rocky soil. Fishing, whaling and ship building. Town meeting, Church and village was the center of social life.
Mid-Atlantic Colony Live stock and grain/wheat farms.Trading. Moderate climate.Market towns. Diverse religions and people.
Southern Colony
Women Homeworkers, Caretakers,but could not vote.
Farmers Worked the land according on the region and relied on family for labor.
Large Land Owners Lived in the south and were wealthy (used slaves and indentured servants for labor).
Enslaved African Americans Owned by master as property for life and they had no rights.
Indentured Servants A person who agreed to work without wages in exchange for their passage to the colonies. Were free when their contract was up.
Artisan Skilled craftsmen.
Free African Amreicans Were able to own land and had economic freedom and could work for pay and decide how to spend money.
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