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AH Final

What were the Circumstances surrounding the Roman catacombs? Burying people was illegal in Rome but Christians believed that the body was needed in the after life
What was the chief importance of Ankhnatan? Monotheism and saw his wife as an equal
How does cuneiform work and how can it be used? Distinguished by its wedge shaped marks on clay tablets, used as a universal language
What are types and examples of Neolithic monoliths? Henges (Stonehenge), Dolmen, Tumulus graves, Passage graves (Maeshowe)
What is the significance of the Sumerian Ziggurat? It is on top of a mountain to meet the gods half way through
What Roman Emperor extended the empire to its greatest extent? Trajan
Halloween is related to what Celtic festival? Samhain
"Lucy" was what species? Australopithecus Afarensis
Who was the designer of St. Peter's Square? Bernini
The Arch of Titus commemorates this event: The siege of Jerusalem
What were the characteristics of 'The Crisis of the 3rd Century'? Economic depression, Barbarian incursions, Plague, Civil War
How many days did New Kingdom mummification take? 70 days
The site of the earliest habitation in ancient Rome was: Palatine Hill
What were the general characteristics of the Phoenicians? Vital to the economy of the Med, created Tyrian purple from murex shells, trade on a large scale, exported the alphabet
This Roman emperor shrank the empire and established frontiers: Hadrian
What is Lehner's Hypothesis and why did so many archeologists miss it? The rock used to build the pyramids came from nearby quarries. It was over looked because the quarries were filled by up with the rubble from the construction ramps
Early church doctrine was established at this event: First council of Nicea
What was the 1st member of Genus Homo to leave Africa? Homo Erectus
What were the general characteristics of the 3rd Servile War? Led by Spartacus, 70,000 men slave army, defeated the 2 Legions, ultimately defeated by Crassus, 6,000 POW crucified
Where are Tholos Tombs and Circle Shaft graves found? Mycenae
He reorganized the Roman army ca. 100 BC and caused Civil Wars: Gaius Marius
What are some general facts concerning Mt. Vesuvius? Bay of Naples, Pozzouli, The Fiery fields, Pompeii
What cults and practices are present in Minoan religion? Female goddesses, Tree worship, bull cults, peak sanctuaries, palace complexes
What is the basic definition of animism? The belief that spirits inhabit literally everything even inanimate objects
They marketed Cedar and Tyrian purple throughout the Med: Phoenicians
1st member of Genus Homo to bury the dead: Homo Neanderthalensis
What was the event most related to the building of the Pantheon?
List the victims of The Sea Peoples: Myceneans, Minoan Crete, Hittites, New Kingdom Egypt
This archeologist excavated at Pompeii in 1860's: Feorelli
Who were the members of the 1st Triumvirate? Julius Caesar, Pompey the Great, Marcus Crassus
What war and general would we relate to the Battle of Cannae? 2nd Punic war; Hannibal
What was the most basic purpose of the Panhellenic games? - What were they? Religious; Olympic, Isthmian, Pythian, Nemean
List all the subjects thought to be the sea peoples: Philistines, Myceneans themselves, Northern Europeans
He began the construction of the colosseum: Vespasian
What are some general facts concerning Vatican hill? smallest city, pop 900. 180 acres, low crime rate
What was the nature of the Roman insulae? poorly constructed out of wood and brick, often collapsed or burned down
He was the most severe Christian persecutor in Rome: Diocletian
He was dictator of Rome 82-80 BC during the civil wars: Sulla
What Latin quote is related to the 390 Celtic Invasion? "Vae Victis" - woe to the conquered
This act established religious freedom in Roman Empire, 313 AD: Edict of Milan
Who, basically, was Cincinattus? Roman emperor who laid down power after winning, model of civic virtue
The Egyptians used this substance to desiccate the body: Natron
What objects and where did Schelimann excavate? Mycenea, Troy found Cyclopean walls
What roman religious concept was foreign to the Celts? anthropromorphism
His men found the Rosetta Stone, 1779: Napoleon Bonaparte
What was the basic principle of Hammurabi's code? Presumption of Innocence; evidence
This archeological site in Rome functioned for 1000+ years: The Circus Maximus
What is the best preserved of all Roman ruins? The Pantheon
Where was Julius Caesar assassinated? Pompey's Senate House
Discoverer of Tut's tomb, 1922: Howard Carter
Who, basically, was Catalina? Attempted to overthrow the govt., ran for consul on the platform of debt cancellation
This Roman ruin was used as a Papal fortress in Middle ages: Hadrian's Tomb
Who was the architect of St. Peter's square? Bernini
These 2 Roman emperors were the most evil and insane: Nero and Caligula
What were the geographic characteristics of Mesopotamia? ' The land between the two rivers", the fertile crescent, lower and upper Egypt, protected from attack due to the desert
Who, in reality, were the Herikleidae? Migrants moving into Greece post sea-peoples attacks
Octavian was the same person as: Augustus Caesar
This roman temple was attended by 6 Virgins: The Temple of Vesta
What are the general facts concerning the Oracle of Delphi? Had to be old, local, poor, and lived a pure life. Spoke in Hexameter verse, cause of convolutions could have been the volcanic gases or opium use
This event was used as an excuse for the 1st Christian Persecutions: Rome fire of 64 AD
What are some general facts concerning the Etruscan tombs? Carved out of tufa, made like houses, laid like they were asleep
He finished the construction of the Colosseum: Titus
Who were the first 3 kings of Israel? Saul, David, Solomon
Who was the first Roman emperor assassinated? Caligula
What are some general facts about the Peloponnesian war? Delian League vs. Peloponnesian League, Sparta defeats Athens, leaves city unharmed, Sparta becomes ruler of the Med.
List members of the 2nd Triumvirate: Augustus Caesar/ Octavian, Antonius, Lepidus
Effects of the 3rd Punic war: Carthage destroyed; Rome is absolute ruler of the Med.
What famous archeological site was NOT built by the celts? Stonehenge
This Roman emperor spent last years on Isle of Capri: Tiberius
Saw flaming across the sky, converted Rome to Christianity: Constantine
What are some general effects concerning the geomorphology of Egypt? Delta, Upper and Lower Egypt, alluvial deposits
List the contents of the Arc of the Covenant: Gold jar of Manna, Aaron's staff that is budded, stone tablets of the covenants
This event brought about military Spartan Militarism: Messenian War
He was the founder and head of the League of Corinth: Phillip the II of Macedon
What was the history of the colosseum post fall of the ancient world? Pope's used stone to build St. Peters, Homeless Shelter
Fabian Tactics are related to what war? 2nd Punic War
Who was the 1st King of Israel? Saul
The mythical figure left Troy and travelled to Italy: Aeneas
Which Hellenistic theory is related to Hedonism? Epicureanism
This Greek place of punishment is reserved for the very wicked: Tartarus
List the 3 orders of the Greco-Roman temples: Ionic, Doric, Corinthian
This myth was the basis of the Eleusinian Mysteries The Myth of Persephone
List Roman phenomena or customs which were derived from the Etruscans: Gladiatorial games, Funeral rights, Political influences
This Hellenistic philosophy rejected social norms: Cynicism
List the Persian leaders and major battles of the 490 and 480 BC invasions of Greece: Darius and Xerxes: Battle of Marathon, Battle of Thermopylae, Battle of Salamis, Battle of Plattea
This Hellenistic philosophy emphasized a state of calm: Stoicism
List the major aspects of Celtic religion: human sacrifice, augury, dream interpretation
"Turkana Boy" was which species of Genus Homo? Homo Erectus
The Thera eruption contributed to this myth: The Myth of Atlantis
What were the Northern and Southern kingdoms of Israel split ca. 920 BC? Southern- Kings of Judah Northern- Kings of Israel
According to Garlington, the Trojan War is really about what? The Fall of The Bronze Age
List and define geologic terms related to the Pompeii destruction of 79 AD: volcanism, subduction zone, convergent boundary, Bay of Naples, Mt. Vesuivius
What become of Hannibal after the 2nd punic war? exiled, became a business man and fought romans until his death
List general facts regarding Alexander and his career: Conquered Tyre, Egypt, declared himself king of the universe at Siwah Oasis, dies in Babylon, buried at Alexandria
List general characteristics of the Eleusinian Mysteries: secret, done because of the Myth of Persephone, greater and lesser mysteries, accepted everyone except murdered and barbarians
What plant was especially scared to the Celts? Mistletoe
What forms of writing are on the Rosetta Stone? Demotic, Hieroglyphs, Cursive
This roman emperor instated the tetrarchs: Docletion
Created by: ebales11
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