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Chapter 18 Review

Test review for Big Business & Immigration

New Immigrants Catholics and Jews who came from Southern and Eastern Europe in the late 1800's and early 1900's
Old Immigrants Protestants or Catholics who came from Northern and Western Europe in the early and mid-1800's
Chinese Exclusion Act Law banning Chinese Immigration
Settlement House place in cities immigrants could go to take English classes, get job training, day care facilities and get help assimilating into American culture
Tenement overcrowded, run-down apartment buildings
Sweatshop factory where people labor long hours, for low wages in often dangerous working conditions
Urbanization growth of cities due to industrialization
Industrialization growth of factories
Hull House settlement house in Chicago opened by Jane Addams and Ellen Starr
stock share in a company
Thomas Edison invented the 1st practical lightbulb
Philanthropist person who gives away large sums of money to charity
Assimilation process of blending into society
Nativism belief that America should be preserved for Americans, immigrants take jobs from native born Americans and cause crime and violence
corporation business owned by investors
Andrew Carnegie Steel tycoon
John Rockefeller Oil tycoon
tycoon wealthy and powerful business owner
monopoly company that wipes out its competitors and controls an industry
trust legal body created to hold stock in many companies often in the same industry
strike when workers refuse to work until their demands are met
Labor Union organization of workers who fight for better working conditions
patent legal government document giving an inventor exclusive rights to his/her invention for a certain number of years
Knights of Labor 1st labor union, comprised of workers from many different trades
Haymarket Riot violent labor dispute in Chicago in 1886, striking workers rallied, a bomb exploded, 7 police killed, police fired into crowd and public opinion turned against unions as a result of this violent event
Created by: gannonj
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