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Egypt Kush

Egypt and Kush Final exam quarter 2

In the United States, along the Eastern border lies the Atlantic Ocean. Egypt also has a body of water located to it's East. That body of water is. Red Sea
The U.S. has many natural barriers such as oceans and mountains that protect it from invasion. Which natural barrier helped protect Egypt from invasion? Deserts
Which of the following is NOT a way that flooding of the Nile River helped the Egyptians It kept leaders in power
Which Kingdom is best represented by the following statements--King Tut ruled-Egyptians overthrew the Hyskos-Egypt became the most powerful state (country) New Kingdom
Which Kingdom of Egypt is best represented by the facts: -Was when the great pyramids of were built--Khufu ruled-- Old Kingdom
The U.S. has had three distinct periods in our history. The beginning which is classified from 1776-1800. Our Growth period from 1800-1950's and our Modern era from 1950-Present. In Egypt, which Kingdom would be most comparable to the U.S. Growth period? Middle Kingdom
Which group conquered the Middle Kingdom of Egypt? Hyksos
The Greatest accomplishment of the Old Kingdom was the Great Pyramid
Bill Gates is the founder of the company Microsoft. Which leader below can be considered the founder of the Kingdom of Egypt Menes
Who am I--was a pharaoh during the New Kingdom--buried in the Valley of the Kings--was a very young ruler Tutenkamen
Who am I--I was pharaoh during the middle kingdom--built a temple that was destroyed and then built again--focused on architecture during my reign Senusret
Throughout the history of the U.S. the President has sent ambassadors throughout the world to promote trade between the U.S. and other countries. Which Pharaoh's reign also encouraged trade with other countries? Hatshepsut
Several modern reality television show highlight the lives of a family with numerous sometimes more than 10. They would be considered small compared to the number of children this Pharaoh had. Ramses II
"It is visible from great distances. It is a reminder to all who see it of the wealth and power of Egypt as well as the great Pharaoh Khufu." The speaker in the passage above is referring to the: Great Pyramid
Which of the following was NOT something a pyramid was built to protect Pharaoh from: Plagues
The building of Barren River Dam caused much flooding of the surrounding farms. In Egypt the building of a dam caused flooding, but what was saved from destruction White Chapel
This monument once resembled a stone jigsaw puzzle that had to be rebuilt? Dayr al Bahri
One hypothesis states that this monument may have suffered from great erosion and thus became "defaced" Great Sphinx
Which Egyptian social class was in charge of building the great pyramids? Peasants
Which of the following statements places the groups in their social classes from highest to lowest Priests, Scribes, Artisans, Peasants
How does the work of ancient Egyptians artisans help us learn about life in ancient Egypt? They carved and painted scenes of everyday life in hieroglyphics
Many people compare the Pharaoh to the President of the United States. If these two are alike, who in the U.S. is most like the Vizier and government officials in ancient Egypt Senators and Congressmen
As Egyptians conquered lands, they made the conquered people pay a tax. This tax was called. Tribute
The Egyptians believed in many gods which means they were Polytheistic
The Pharaoh was believed to be a representative of this god of the sun? Re
In Greek mythology, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades are gods and brothers. Zeus controls the sky, Poseidon controls the waters, and Hades controls the underworld. In Egyptian religion, who would MOST closely be the equal of Hades? Osiris
Why did Egyptians bury food with their deceased pharaohs? to feed them in the afterlife
Egyptians became skilled in mummifying their dead. As an effect, they also became skilled at medicine
Queen Elizabeth II has ruled the United Kingdom for the last 50 years. If she was the ruler in Ancient Kush her title would not be Queen, but Kandake
Egypt and Kush had a complex relationship that at many times had them as friends, enemies, allies, and sometimes neutral. Analyze the picture below to determine which relationship they MOST likely were having Enemies
Kush was a valuable trading area and the Egyptians traded with them for a variety of items. Which of the following items Kush NOT trade to the Egyptians Iron
Kush was located near which part of Egypt? Upper Egypt
Which of the following is an element of Ancient Egypt's topography? a river valley
The "life blood" of the Egyptians is BEST indicated by which answer The Nile River
Which Kingdom of Egypt is best represented by the facts below: -Existed from approximately 2700 B.C.E. to 2300 B.C.E. -Was when the Great Pyrmaids were built -Menes was the ruler Old Kingdom
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