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Thinking Geo

Thinking Geographically

Base Time Meridians Lines of longitude that are used to make the time zones- go in increments of 15
Lines of Latitude lines that run across a map- from west to east
Lines of Longitude lines that run up and down- north to south
Prime Meridian 0 degrees longitude, runs through Greenwich, England
Political Boundaries drawn lines that are enforced by the law
Natural Boundaries formed by the earth (mountains, river, etc) and easier to defend
Cultural Boundaries formed by groups of people
Microstates small independent countries that usually attract tourists
Revolution One trip of the earth around the Sun; takes one year
Rotation One trip of the earth on its axis; takes 24 hours
International Dateline The place on earth where the day changes
Compact Countries The borders are approximately an equal distance from the center of the country; may be in the shape of a circle or square
Prorupted Countries This type of country is one that has a piece of land extending out from its main base: like a pan handle
Elongated Countries They are twice as long as they are wide - long and skinny
Perforated Countries This type of country has an entire country completely inside it
Fragmented Countries This type of country is in pieces that are not attached to one another; usually islands
Strategic Waterways A narrow passage-way of water between two larger bodies of water- Important straits or canals
Strait of Gibraltar The narrow passage way of water that connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea- It separates Africa from Spain
Suez Canal The narrow passage way of water that connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea/Indian Ocean
Panama Canal The narrow passage way of water that connects the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean
Customs The check point a person goes through when entering another country to check for items that are not allowed in that country
Embargo The ban on trade with another country
Tariff The tax on imported goods (goods from another country)
Informal Boundaries Boundaries that are not seen on a map that people often create on their own based on common characteristics. These cannot be enforced by law.
Formal Boundaries Boundaries that are set in stone and shown on a map. These are enforced by law.
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