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US History - Ch. 10

PRT US History - Ch. 10

In the election of 1800, Federalists supported ____________ for a second term. John Adams
Congress passed the _________________ to prevent another showdown between a presidential and vice-presidential candidate. 12th Amendment
Under Jefferson, all government funds would come from the sale of western lands and taxes on imported goods called __________. duties
The last-minute judicial appointments by Adams were called _________________. midnight-judges
What were Thomas Jefferson’s main objectives as President? Reduce spending and debt, limit the power of the federal government
The election of 1800 was decided by House of Representatives
Regional courts were set up for the United States with the Judiciary Act of 1801
Which case represented the first time the Supreme Court reviewed and ruled on acts of the other branches of government? Marbury v. Madison
How did the government change under the leadership of Jefferson? Reduced spending and debt, reduced the number of government employees
Before it was transferred in 1802, the Louisiana Territory belonged to Spain
After it was secretly transferred in 1802, the Louisiana Territory belonged to France
The size of the United States was doubled with The Louisiana Purchase
Which politician died as a result of a duel? Alexander Hamilton
With the death of Tecumseh, hopes died for A Native American confederation.
One of the buildings burned by the British was The Capitol
“The Star-Spangled Banner” was written by Francis Scott Key
How did the Battle of Lake Champlain impact the course of the war? It caused the British to realize the war was too costly and unnecessary
What was the significance of the Battle of New Orleans? It occurred after the treaty ending the war was signed
Which battle made Andrew Jackson a national hero and eventually helped him win the presidency? Battle of New Orleans
What was the name of the treaty to end the war? Treaty of Ghent
The Supreme Court reviewing and ruling on acts of other branches of the government is called Judicial review
From which harbor did the writer of the “Star-Spangled Banner” watch anxiously through the night of September 13-14 the bombardment from Fort McHenry? Baltimore, MD
What was one of the goals of Lewis and Clark’s expedition? To find and map the Northwest Passage
The 1807 Embargo Act prohibited _____with other countries. trade
The Native Americans were allies of the ________ in the War of 1812. British
The War of 1812 ended with the Treaty of ___________. Ghent
The revolution in Santo Domingo (present-day Haiti) led to ______________ selling the Louisiana Territory. Napoleon
The Louisiana Territory was purchased under the presidential administration of ____________________. Thomas Jefferson
How did the Louisiana Purchase impact the US? It doubled the size of the US.
Why was controlling the Mississippi River and New Orleans so important? Whoever controlled them controlled trade.
Created by: WeberAE
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