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PBHS MexicanLeaders

You Gotta Know Mexican Leaders

Montezuma II Allowed Cortes to enter Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan; later imprisoned in own palace.
Noche Triste "Sad Night" Spanish escape during conflicts in Tenochtitlan; led to Montezuma's death
Cuauhtemoc Final Aztec emperor captured by Cortes
smallpox 1521 ravages of this and the help of indigenous allies allowed Cortes to conquer Tenochtitlan
Iturbide (also known as Augustine of Mexico) First ruler (emperor) of independent Mexico
Iturbide He released the Plan of Iguala, "Plan of the Three Guarantees" or "Plan Trigarante,"
Plan of Iguana (Three Guarantees) This called for Mexican independence, a Catholic state, equality of all races
Iturbide forced into exile by Santa Anna in 1823; executed when returned in 1824
Santa Anna (Antonio Lopex de Santa Anna) President of Mexico 11 different times between 1833 and 1855.
Santa Anna Held elaborate funeral for the leg he lost during the "Pasty War" with France.
Santa Anna Defeated by Sam Houston
1836 Battle of San Jacinto Santa Anna defeated by Houston in this battle
Santa Anna He seized control of the government during the Mexican-American War but lost battles at Cerro Gordo and Chapultepec and was forced into exile.
Hidalgo A parish priest, leader of Mexico's first independence movement
Grito de Dolores "Cry of Dolores" Call for revolt issued by Hidalgo to his congregation against New Spain
Mexico's Day of Independence, Sept. 16, 1810 Cry of Dolores issued on Sept. 16, 1810 still celebrated as Mexico's official this
Benito Juarez Liberal lawyer; first indigenous president of Mexico
Juarez Led opposition to Maximilian von Hapsburg (French-backed)
Juarez Deposed Santa Anna and initiated "La Reforma" (incorporated into a new constitution in 1857) to eliminate special privileges to church and military
Austrian archduke Maximilian, executed on the Hill of the Bells Napoleon III invaded Mexico in the "French Intervention" and imposed this man as the second emperor
Juarez He retuned to Mexico City after the execution of Maximilian on the Hill of the Bells and remained president until his death
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