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Europ Ex and Col Lif

Vocab from the European Exploration and Colonial Life Units

colony A new settlement or territory established and governed by another country
slavery The treatment of people as property
Columbian Exchange The exchange of plants, animals, diseases and people across the Atlantic Ocean between Europe and the Americas
revolt To rise up against someone in power, usually in a violent way
convert To change one’s religion
missionaries People who travel to try and change other people’s religion
conquistadors Spanish soldier-explorers
charter A formal document issued by the king that outlined a colony’s geographic boundaries and specified how it would be governed
rights Powers or privileges that belong to people as citizens and that cannot or should not be taken away by the government
mercantilism An economic policy in which nations tried to gain wealth by controlling trade and establishing colonies
cash crops A crop, such as tobacco, sugar, and cotton, raised in large quantities and sold for profit
slave trade The business of capturing or buying, transporting, and selling people as slaves
democratic A government or country ruled by the people
Great Awakening A revival of religious feeling and belief in the American colonies that began in the 1730s
Parliament The lawmaking body of England, consisting of representatives from throughout the kingdom
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