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Native Americans

Who were the first people to live in NY State? Algonquians
What were the values of the Algonquians? sharing and caring
Give examples of the Algonquian values They shared what they had and looked after each other.
What was Wampum and how was it used? Wampum is shell money. It was used to make peace and to show friendship. It was given as gifts. It was also worn like jewelry.
What was a Sachem? A Sachem was the leader of the group of families.
What were Sachem's responsibilities? Some of their responsibilities were to settle fights or quarrels. They made peace during the war.
The Iroquois were known as: Haudenosaunee, the people of the longhouse.
How were women important to the Iroquois culture? Women were important to the Iroquois culture because they were the head of the clan.
What were the responsibilities of the head of the Iroquois clan? She gave out names to everyone, appointed council chiefs and removed them, and set dates for religious festivals.
What were the events the Iroquois held during each season of the year? Winter: New Year's festival. Spring: the Maple festival. Summer: Planting festival. Fall: Green Corn festival.
How did the native Americans take care of the land and the environment? They took care of the environment by not wasting anything. They used all of the bones from the animals. They rotated their crops. They called the Earth "mother earth."
Created by: Ken K