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Quarter 2 finals

Ancient Egypt and India ect.

If you lived in India about 4000 years ago, the MOST likely place to settle would have been? Near the Brahmaptura River
Egypt was surrounded by deserts, India had mountains to the North. What are the BEST possible benefits of these specific landforms? Protection from enemies
The Andes mountains are located in South America and are among the largest and most rugged mountains in the world. The Andes would be MOST comparable to which mountain range in India? The Himalaya Mountains
Religion plays a key role in India. Several spots throughout India are considered sacred. Which of the following places is MOST sacred to Hindus in India? Ganges River
Which of the following would be the LEAST likely place to settle in Ancient India? Near the Thar Desert
The social caste in India has a specific name. It is called a.... Jati
In many countries, people suffer from diseases. Many people refuse to have contact with these people for fear of contracting the disease. In the Ancient Indian caste system, people with leprosy would MOST closely be associated with which class? Untouchables
"I have been learning about battle. My father is showing me how to use different kinds of weapons so I will be able to defend my country." This quote was probably spoken by someone from which class? Kshatriyas
In Egypt, the priests were near the top of the social class. Which Ancient Indian social class would MOST closely relate to the Priests of Egypt Brahmins
Farmhands play a valuable role in our agricultural economy. In the Ancient Indian social classes, which class would farmhands MOST likely be placed Vaishyas
As an American citizen, we all have duties that are required of us. For example, when called upon to be on a jury we must follow the rules and do so. If you were a follower of Hinduism, following these rules would be MOST associated with what belief Dharma
According to the four noble truths, why is life full of suffering? Because people desire worldly things
Plastic surgery is a very profitable specialty area for medical doctors. It involves surgical procedures designed to help people keep their youthful looks. In Hinduism, which deity would MOST likely be over this area Lakshmi
Which of the following is a similarity between Hinduism and Buddhism Belief in reincarnation
As you take this test, you might want to say a prayer. If you were Hindu and wanted to pray to whom would you MOST likely pray for knowledge Saraswati
Sacred texts such as the Koran and the Bible are key parts of Islam and Christianity respectively. Which of the following is the MOST similar sacred text to Hinduism and the culture of Ancient India The Mahabharata
Which of the following mathematical achievements is NOT attributed to the Ancient Indians? Being the first to use negative numbers
Isaac Newton came up with his theory for this over 1,000 years after the Ancient Indians figured it out. What is it? Gravity
Which of the following areas of Science was an area of strength for the Ancient Indians? Astronomy
Which of the following instruments was NOT part of traditional Indian music? Trumpets
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