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History Midterm

History Term and Definitions

What is a primary source? A first hand account
What is a Culture People's way of life And a specific belief
indentured servant An immigrant who's trip is paid
What is a charter A formal Document issued by the king
What is a Democratic? It is ruled by the people. So all of the power is within the people.
What is an Economy A way the the economy organizes products
What is the Great Awakening? The revival of a religious feeling and belief in the American Colonies that began in the 1730's
What is the slave trade? The business of capturing and selling people as slaves
Cash crop A crop sold for profit.
Spanish Borderlands Spanish territory in the United States
Missionaries A soldier that travels to a territory
Militia A small army made up of ordinary citizens
Parliament The lawmaking body of England
Boycott To peacefully protest about a law
Repeal To take back a law
The Northwest Passage A passage through the Northwest
Patriot Against the British
Loyalist with(Loyal) to the British
Treaty An agreement
The Continental Army The American Army during the American Revolution
Blockade To block off an area to prevent people from coming in or out
The Ohio Valley The site of the battle against the British and the French
George Washington The 1st president of the U.S.
John Adams 2nd President. Made bad decisions
Thomas Jefferson Wrote part of the Declaration of Independence
James Madison 4th President
James Monroe Created the Monroe Doctrine
Andrew Jackson Created the Jacksonian Democracy
Congress The people who make laws
Republic A form of government in which citizens can vote on their choosing of their leader
Bicameral Two-House
Senate A House with an equal amount of Representatives
What is the house of Representatives When each state gets the same amount of representatives per state
Electoral Collage A group that was established by the Constitution to elect the president and vice president. And voters from each state choose their electors
Northern Ordinance How the western land would be governed
ratification Approving on an agreement
Three-Fifths Compromise An agreement that an enslaved person of voting is three-fifths of a person.
What is the Articles of Confederation The first written plan of the government
What is an arsenal? A weapon warehouse
What is the Constitutional Convention A meeting in Philadelphia in 1787. Wrote the Constitution
Neutrality not to be a republican or a Federalist
isolationism To avoid military agreement
Louisiana Purchase Thomas Jefferson purchased the Louisiana territory
Treaty of Paris 1783. The U.S signed the treaty of Paris
What is the treaty of Ghent To stop the war against the British and the Americans
What is a war hawk People who likes wars
July 4, 1776 The declaration was signed.
1812 War of 1812
Trail of Tears The removal of the Cherokee Indians from Georgia to Indian territory in 1838 and 1839
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