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American Revoltuion

Test Questions ONLY for American Revolutuion Test irvine

What did the Continental Congress do to try to make peace with Britain? They created the Olive Branch Petition
What did the Continental Congress do to pursue war with Britain? They created the Continental Army
How was Washington able to lift the siege at Boston? He used cannons captured from Fort Ticonderoga against the British navy in the port of Boston.
List 2 arguments by Thomas Paine in Common Sense to persuade colonists to declare independence. We don't owe loyalty to Britain Idea of a king or queen is wrong To stay any longer will only hurt us financially
List the 3 parts of The Declaration of Independence. Natural Rights British Wrongs Declare Independence
What was the date the Declaration of Independence was adopted? July 4, 1776
According to the Declaration, what is the only reason people create governments, and when is it ok to rebel against them? We create governments to protect our rights. We can rebel when government begins to violate our rights.
List 2 results of the Battle of Saratoga. France joins us Ends the British threat to New England Boosted American spirits
How did the war change women’s attitudes? After running the homesteads, women gain confidence in themselves, and begin to speak out about their rights
Why did some African American slaves escape to the British? They were told that if they fought for the king, they would be get their freedom, and they did.
Why did African American patriots hope the revolution would end slavery? The Declaration of Independence stated all men are created equal. If the Americans won, all would be treated equally
Why was Cornwallis forced to surrender at Yorktown? He was under siege and out of supplies
List the 3 points of the Treaty of Paris (1783). Florida went to Spain France was given Canada U.S. boundaries established America is a free and independent nation Loyalists with property damaged received money from the U.S.
Give 3 reasons Americans defeated the British in the Revolution. Washington’s leadership Foreign Help We knew the land Britain was Broke Growing sense of Patriotism
Created by: irvinebr