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Test Legislative

Consists of the congress, a ________ legislature consisting Biocameral
House of representative (____ memebers, based upon _______ of the states) 435, Population
How old do you have to be a House of Representative? Age : 25
How long is the term of a House of Representative? 2 year term
Senate: ( ____ memebers- two per_____) 100 members - two per state
How old do you have to be to be a senate? Age: 30
How many years do you have to be in the U.S.A. to be a House of Representatives? Citizen for 7 years
How many years do you have to be in the U.S.A. to be a senate? Citizen for 9 years
How long is the term of a senate? Term for 6 years
____________ Powers: Specifically listed in the constitution of the United States. Explicit
____________ Powers: Used to carry out expressed powers Implied
1. Makes _______ the laws
2. Approves the _______ budget annual
3. Confirms ________ apponitment presidential
4. Raises ______ through taxes and other levies revenue
5. Regulates interstate and foreign ______ trades
6. Declares _____ war
_______ a bill by a senator or representative Introduce
Working in _________ committees
__________ the bill in each house debating
________ on the bill in each house voting
sending the bill to the _________ to sign into law president
Media: Focusing public attention on ________ issues selected
Media: Offering a ________ in which opposing viewpoints are communicated viewpoint
Media: Holding government offcials _______ to the public accountable
Media: Government officals use _____ to commuication with the public. media
Individuals: ___________ in politics ( voting, campaigning, seeking office) Participating
Individuals: __________ opinions ( lobbying, demonstrating, writing letters) Expressing
Iddividuals: Joining _________ interest groups
Interest groups: ______ issuess Identifying
Interest groups: making politcal ______ contribution
Interest groups: _________ government officals lobbying
Interest groups: __________: seeking to influence legislators to introduce or vote for or against a bill lobbying
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