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Humanities Exams

who are the main characters (5) who go on the journey? (Voyage of the Dawn Treader) Lucy, Edmund, Eustace, Caspian, Reepicheep
Which character changes the most throughout the novel? What animal does he change into? Eustace; Dragon
how does this character turn back into a person again? He takes off his outer layers but Aslan takes off his inner layers. Aslan must help him - Eustace can't do it by himself!
what does regeneration mean? formation of a new creature
In John 3, Jesus tells ________ that he must be ____ again in order to see the kingdom of God NIcodemus; born
had 12 sons (Genesis) Jacob
called by God to be a blessing to the nations through his family Abraham
was sold into slavery by his brothers Joseph
woman with "weak eyes" who was one of Jacob's wives Leah
found favor in God's eyes and was saved from disaster Noah
lied to Adam and Eve serpent/ Satan
father of Jacob and Esau Isaac
accused Joseph of assault Potipher's wife
son of Jacob who is in the lineage of Christ Judah
Through his sin, death spread to all men Adam
the male head of a family or tribe patriarch
to twist out of shape; make crooked or deformed distort
the unmerited favor of God grace
the moral excellence of God that sets him apart from all others holy
the complete control of God over everything sovereign
the one- in- three nature of God, referring to the Trinity triune
to oppose successfully; prevent from accomplishing a purpose thwart
a defense of God's good character in allowing evil in the world theodicy
what does the word genesis mean? beginning
around what year was Genesis written? Who wrote it? 1400 B.C.; Moses
what event does "he shall bruise your head and you shall bruise his heel" (gen.3:15) foreshadow? Christ overcoming Satan
what is the main theme/idea of the story of Joseph? theodicy
list 5 major effects of the fall of man (results of sin)? death; dishonesty; frustrating work; war of the sexes; spiritual warfare
list 4 parts of the covenant. Promise; Law; Blessing; Sign
list 4 ways that Joseph is like Christ: 1. both betrayed by brothers 2. both resist temptation 3. both falsely accused 4. both save lives
the sun god who Gilgamesh prays to: (Gilgamesh) Shamash
angry king of the Sumerian gods: Enlil
Gilgamesh's best friend: Enkidu
Sends the bull of heaven to fight Gilgamesh: Ishtar
the man who survives the flood sent by the gods: Utnapishtam
win or regain the favor of by doing something that pleases them propitiate
a drink poured out as an offering to a deity libation
prove more powerful than opposing forces; be victorious prevail
principles concerning god and bad behavior morality
being subject to death mortality
what was the Sumerians main contributions to the world? they invented writing
what was their system of writing called? cuneiform
why did the gods flood the world in Gilgamesh? they were annoyed with the humans for being to loud
what city was Gilgamesh the king of? uruk
around what year was Gilgamesh famous and well-known? 2100 B.C.
what is the main theme/idea of Gilgamesh? Mortality and Immortality
list the 8 elements of the Epic Hero Cycle: 1. Main Character 2. Hero's Quest 3. Hero's Test 4. Mythical Companions 5. Supernatural world 6. low point 7. Resurrection 8. Resolution
yearn to possess or have something (Exodus) covet
gross injustice or wickedness; sin iniquity
belief that there is only one god monotheism
make a priest or minister ordain
the belief in more than one god polytheism
abandon a harsh intention or cruel treatment relent
a person who stays or lives somewhere temporarily sojourner
who is the author of the Exodus? Moses
around what year did the Israelites' exodus from Egypt likely take place? 1447 B.C.
what are the main resources (2-3) that God is rescuing the Israelites out of their slavery in Egypt? 1. to show he is lord 2. to execute judgment on the gods of Egypt
How does the Passover foreshadow the gospel? (How are they similar/how do they relate?) just as God passed over the Israelites in Egypt, whose households had the blood of the lamb on their doorpost, God passes over us
How did the 10 commandments relate to what Jesus calls the "greatest" commandments in the law in Matthew 22:34-40? The first 4 are about loving God and the other 6 are about loving people.
what is a suzerain treaty? an agreement between a higher lord and a lesser lord
List the parts of a suzerain treaty. 1. identification of suzerain 2. historical prologue 3. stipulations 4. blessings and curses
What are the three parts of the tabernacle? courtyard, holy place, most holy place
What is the purpose of the tabernacle? so God can have a dwelling place among his people
to order or decide something in an official way (Code of Hammurabi) decree
notably brilliant because of dignity or achievements illustrious
to praise something highly exalt
a person who rules a kingdom or empire monarch
around what year did Hammurabi write his code of law? 1780 B.C.
Hammurabi was the king of _______ who united the peoples living in ___________, the area between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. This land is in the present-day country of ____. Babylon, Mesopotamia, Iraq
What subject does Hammurabi spend the most time on in the Prologue of the code? his own achievements
The stone tablet in which the Babylon/ Sumerian sun god named ________ gives the laws to Hammurabi is called a _____. Shamash, stele
Around what year do the events in 1 Samuel take place? (1 Samuel) 1050 B.C.
1 Samuel shows the transition in Israel's political history of being ruled by a _____ to being ruled by a _____. judge, king
Why do the Israelites want a king to rule over them? to be like all the other nations
How is Saul shown to be a bad king? he starts to sin a lot and doesn't do anything about it. doesn't see the Lord
What are some qualities about David that make him fit to be a good king? David is rooted in God's word and the Lord chose him.
List 4 ways that David is a type of Christ (Christ figure). 1. intimate relationship with Lord 2. both born in Bethlehem 3. tribe of Judah 4. both kings
In what book of the Bible do we find information, in the form of poetry, about how David felt when he was on the run from Saul? Psalms
struggling (The Odyssey) contending
rude insolent
fame renown
skillfully tactfully
skill prowess
The meanest, ringleader of the suitors Antinous
People who Odysseus stays with right before he sails back to Ithaka Phaeacians
Odysseus' enemy and god of the sea Poseidon
Beautiful nymph who loves Odysseus Kalypso
Character who "comes of age" Telemachos
1st European Civilization Minoans
2nd European Civilization Myceneans
Greek word for city-state polis
The main reason Greece was split into warring city-states was the ___________ geography which isolated them from each other. mountainous
Troy was located in the ancient country of ____ _____, present-day country of ______. Asia Minor, Turkey
Homer most likely lived from ____ B.C. to ____ B.C 800 B.C. to 701 B.C.
The main worldview and religion of the ancient Greeks: pagan polytheism
What is the staircase analogy/chain-of beings? some dieties are greater than others yet still less than some
In scripture, _____, who was ministering the gospel of Christ to Greeks, considered the Greek gods and goddesses to be _______. Paul, demons
The Illiad and The Odyssey for Greeks could be compared to the ______ for Christians. bible
Explain how The Illiad shows a more barbaric Greek mindset and The Odyssey shows a more civilized Greek mindset. The Illiad shows the Trojan War story, as The Odyssey shows the journey home after the war.
The Odyssey is an ____ ____. epic poem
The Odyssey is written in a meter called ________ _________ which means it has __ feet made up of one ________ syllable followed by two __________ syllables. dactylic hexameter, 6, stressed, unstressed
What is Odysseus' special skill that makes him an epic hero? cunning/ craftiness
Created by: VickieJ10
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