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Chapter 7 Test

The term that describes the movement of Americans into the West and South. Expansionism
In 1853, Commodore Matthew Perry sought to open trade between the US and what country? Japan
When did Alaska become a territory of the US? 1912
As the US expanded its influence overseas, what did Captain Alfred Thayer Mahan believe should be improved? navy
Ther term for when powerful nations create large empires by exercising economic and political control over weaker nations Imperialism
These drove the search for imperialism. raw materials and markets
He pushed for a canal across Central America linking the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. William H Seward
The price the US paid to gain Alaska from Russia. 7.2 million
He established the Pan-American Union. James G Blaine
Who came from the US came to Hawaii to spread Christianity? missionaries
In 1904, who started the Russo-Japanese War. Japan
Brought an American business to Hawaii in the 1830's. sugar cane
Overthrew Queen Liluokalani. American landowners
What did Samoa allow Americans to build in Pago Pago? naval station
A secret society that carried out an uprising in China Boxers
A group of 16 American warships Great White Fleet
Secretary of State John Hay
He practiced yellow journalism. William Randolph Hearst.
Anti-imperialist Andrew Carnegie
Philippine revolutionary Emilio Aguinaldo
He led the Rough Riders. Theodore Roosevelt
In 1898, the Congress declared war against Spain due to events that occurred in what country? Cuba
The American people wanted a declaration of war against Spain after this warship exploded. Maine
This country became a US protectorate after the US and Spain signed the Treaty of Paris. Cuba
The year that the Philippines gained independence. 1946
Who helped Panama successfully revolt against Colombia? United States
Malaria and ______ _______ made the building of the Panama Canal difficult. yellow fever
President Wilson refused to recognize General Victoriano Huerta's government in ___________. Mexico
What did the Americans and Europeans build to prevent ships from having to make long journeys around South America? Panama Canal
Which type of land form is Panama? isthmus
What did the US have to control in order to build the canal? mosquitoes and disease
Where did President Woodrow Wilson's "moral diplomacy" face serious challenge? Mexico
Under which policy did the US claim the right to intervene in Latin American nations' domestic affairs? Roosevelt Corollary
The belief that a nation should stay out of the affairs of other nations. Isolationism
Disorder and lawlessness caused by lack of effective government. anarchy
A country under the control of a different country. protectorate
Area completely controlled by a country. territory
An agreement to end fighting. armistice
Section of a county in which a foreign nation enjoys special rights and powers. sphere of influence
A temporary form of government. provisional government
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