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Chapter 4 Stack

Latin America Quest

A person of African and European descent is called Mulatto
A person of indigenous Mexican and European descent is called mestizo
This mountain range runs through Mexico Sierra Madre Mountains
Rain Shadow Effect is The phenomenon of the Andes mountain range blocking the rain and moist air from reaching the Atacama Desert.
This bowl shaped city holds the most polluted air in the world. Mexico City
How does a country like Venezuela benefit more in regard to international trade. Proximity to the Panama Canal.
Capital of Honduras Tegucigalpa
Capital of Nicaragua Managua
Capital of Cuba Havana
Capital of Guatemala Guatemala City
Capital of Costa Rica San Jose
Capital of Belize Belmopan
Why is Latin America called "Latin America" Because the people there speak Spanish, Portuguese, and French which are all very close to Latin.
The Latin American country with the worst oil pollution Venezuela
Smallest country in Central America Belize
Largest country in Latin America Brazil
Most polluted lake on Earth Lake Maracaibo
Mountain range running through the western side of South America Andes Mountains
The Panama Canal connects these two bodies of water Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean
This famous Mexican artist gained her fame from her beautiful paintings of her life in Mexico Frida Kahlo
A person who is illiterate would likely take part in this type of economy traditional economy
Why does African culture still present itself in the Caribbean? Their history of being a hub of the slave trade
Latin America is often called the "hollow continent" because most people live on the coasts instead of inland
What are some ways people in Latin America celebrate their culture? meringue, salsa, tango dances, mariachi bands, Cumbia folk music, holidays that celebrate their history like Cinco de Mayo in Mexico, and the Day of the Dead.
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