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Social studies final

all answers for social studies final

What is democracy? Citizens hold political power; citizens are the ultimate source of government power and authority.
What is communism? government owns all property and makes economic decisions.
What is a republic? People elct leaders to make laws for them.
What is a traditional economy? An economy in which people make all economic decisions based on customs and habits. Bartar
What is a market economy? An economy in which individuals make all economic decisions. SUPPLY AND DEMAND
What is a command economy? and economy in which the central government makes all economic decisions.
Who were the Maya? 365 day calendar, observatories, number zero writing system, jewelry, large temples.
Who were the Inca? expert masonry, quipus to record keeping, labor tax system, jewelry, textiles, Machu Picchu
Who were the Aztec? calendar similar to the Maya, causeways, chinampas large temples, jewelry, masks, Tenochtitlan
What was the official reason for Spanish settlement in Latin America? GGG Gold>Glory>God
What changes did the Spanish Conquistadors bring to Latin America?
What factors can effect the population or the population density of a specific area over time? Climate changes, avalibility of valuable resources, conflict, cultral roots.
Give specific Push factors that would cause a population to change over time. Not a good government, lack of food +water, bad people, weather, job avalibility, lack of freedom.
Give specific pull factors that would cause a populatoin to change over time. good government, lots of good resources, good people,weather, lots of open jobs, free land.
What is Gross Domestic Product (GDP) The total value of all goods and services produced in a year.
What is GDP per capita? The total GDP divided by the number of people in a country.
Define Credit. to add money to an account
Define Debit. To take money out of an account.
Define Share. part ownership in a company .
What inventions have increased the spread of culture (cultral diffusion) in recent years? technology, Transportation, and foreign relations
How many years are in a decade? 10 years.
How many years are in a century? 100 years.
Describe the difference between a developed country and a developing country. The difference between a developed and developing country is a developed country is a country with a strong economy and a standard of living. Examples of a developed country is the United States or Japan. A developing country is a counry with less
productive economies and lower standards of living. Examples are Haiti or Ethiopia
Describe how the Canadian Pacific Railway changed Canada. The Canadian Pacific Railway changed Canada because it helped populate all around Canada because people could travel to new places. The railway also providdes supplies to new settlers. Many of canada's cities got larger, and expanded around the railway.
What is monarchy? . Leaders usually inherit their power from ancestors. The rights of the citizens vary depending on the type of monarchy. onstitutional: citizens can vote for government officials. Absolute: king\queen has total authority.
Created by: _maddy.16
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