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Age of Enlightenment An intellectual movement of the 16 & 1700's where people started to apply reason or logical thinking to society and government.
Social Contract Theory An agreement between the government and it's people
Separation of Powers an idea that each branch of government has different responsibilities so that one branch does not become to powerful
Philosophy the study of the basic ideas about society, education, and right and wrong; basic beliefs, concepts and attitudes.
State of Nature a positive condition of human existence that preceded social and political organization
John Locke English philosopher who believed in the natural rights of Life, Liberty and Property. His ideas would later be used in the United States Constitution
Jean-Jacques Rousseau Believed in the idea of a social contract between the government and the people.
Thomas Hobbes Believed that humans by nature were selfish and nasty, so they needed a strong, absolute, almost monster like dictator.
Voltaire Believed in civil liberties, including freedom of speech and freedom of religion and thought church and state should be separate; his ideas had a direct influence on the US Bill of Rights.
Baron de Montesquieu Believed in separation of powers of the government into 3 branches - executive, legislative and judicial
What category of government dominated European society prior to the Age of Enlightenment? Unlimited
The Age of Enlightenment caused many European governments to change from the _______________ category to ____________ category. Unlimited to Limited
What are the basic rights that no one can take away called? Natural Rights
What are the 3 natural rights that no government can take away? Life, Liberty and Property
Popular Sovereignty the idea that governments get their power from the people
Checks and Balances the ability of one branch to limit the power of another branch, so none get to powerful.
What happens when government does not uphold the social contract? the people can break away and start a revolution
Leviathan a strong monster like leader
Salons places where men and women gathered to discuss ideas on the Enlightenment
What are the three branches of government that Montesquieu fought for? Executive, Legislative and Judicial
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