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Social Studies Test

S.S. Study Stack for 12/16

Only this political group were accused of taking bribes during the "King of Frauds" scandal. __________ Rebublicans
He was a one-term president who was assassinated during the corrupt political ear of the Gilded Age. __________ President Garfield
One popular reform called for a ______ hour work day. Eight
The Populist part was so powerful in Wyoming that _________ were given the right to vote. Women
_______ Founded Standard Oil, used horizontal integration, and is the richest man in history. John D. Rockefeller
________ Is a business model where a company consolidates with similar businesses in order to expand. Ex: When McDonald's buys hardee's, DQ, Burger King etc. Horizontal Integration
________ Dreamed up the first plan for the Transcontinental Railroad Theodore Judah
________ Gave Americans 160 acres of land in exchange for improvements on the property. The Homestead Act
________ Was a banker and finacier who founded U.S. Steel, G.E. and bailed out the U
Created by: 16esmith