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American Revolution

Review for American Revolution Test

Who wrote Common Sense? Thomas Paine (T-Paine)
Many ideas from the DOI were taken from who? Enlightenment Philosophers
Who were the Hessians? German soldiers hired by the British to help them fight against the Americans
Who was the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army? George Washington
What was the first battle of the American Revolution? Lexington and Concord
The idea of natural rights came from which Enlightenment Thinker? John Locke
What document was created that officially ended the Revolutionary War? Treaty of Paris
Three advantages of the British large army, well trained soldiers, experienced military leaders
Three advantages of the Americans motivation to fight, knowing the lands, defending their own country
Fort Ticonderoga was captured by what group? Green Mountain Boys
Who led the Green mountain Boys? Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold
According to John Locke governments exist to do what? Protect people's natural rights
What was the purpose of the Olive Branch Petition? To try to create peace/end the conflict between the colonies and GB
The Second Continental Congress decided to... Make George Washington the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army
What was the turning point of the war? Battle of Saratoga
The battle where the Continental Army initiated a surprise attack at night, on Christmas was at the... Battle of Trenton
What were three challenges the Continental Army faced at Valley Forge? Cold/harsh temperatures, lack of food, few supplies
Which country decided to join the war and help the Americans after the Battle of Saratoga? France
General Cornwallis surrendered to the Americans, officially ending the war, at what battle? Battle at Yorktown
The "shot heard round the world" refers to which battle? Lexington and Concord
Define minutemen. Men who were ready to fight at a moments notice
The Continental Army refers to which army? The Americans
Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, consent of the governed and natural rights = original ideas from who? Enlightenment Philosophers
What was the purpose of the DOI? To list and explain why the colonies should be free from GB
Define loyalist colonist who remained loyal to GB, supported the King
Define Patriot colonist who fought for/supported independence
Why was Common Sense written? To persuade/influence colonists to support independence
Define militia a military force that is raised from the civil population to supplement a regular army in an emergency
What were three advantages of the Continental Army? weak/inexperienced army, not enough money, no navy
Ms. Keane's favorite subject is Math. True or False? False! It's Social Studies!
Ms. Keane loves Mexican food. True or False? True!
Ms. Keane has a dog named Gilda. True or False? True!
Ms. Keane's favorite ice cream is vanilla. True or False? False! It's rocky road!
Created by: dkeane13
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