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SS Midterm

The Ottomans were a powerful Muslim Empire
Which statement below is MOST accurate in describing an autocratic government? What the leader says, goes.
What are the three basic economic questions? What to produce? How to produce? For whom to produce?
Which ethnic group lacks its own country, lives in Turkey and Iraq, and is often discriminated? Kurds
Muhammad was a prophet who preached there is one God. Many rejected him.He converted countries to Islam
What is OPEC? group of oil-producing countries that work together
What is a market economy? government has little regulation and allows business and property
How does drilling for oil hurt the environment? methods of oil extraction leave the land damaged and unusable
Chinese factories, heavy machinery, and construction of industrial centers are examples of investments in capital goods
Hinduism began in India
Most important factor in determining what a country produces, exports, and imports? a country's location and natural resources
If a nation invests money and time into training and education for its citizens, what is that? investment in human capital
What is the human-made waterway that connects the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea? Suez Canal
Why does economic or political instability in Southwest Asia affect nations worldwide? people depend on the oil from the Middle East
What is anti-Semitism? racism against Jewish people
What country is home to the sacred city of Jerusalem? Israel
A country ruled by a national gov't that does not share power with any other level of government is unitary government
In what economic system does the government own the means of production? command economies
Which country has the MOST developed economy in Southwest Asia? Israel
Who believes that only blood relatives of the prophet Muhammad have a right to lead Islam? Shia Muslims
What type of government is found in Israel? parliamentary democracy
Members of the Knesset and Diet serve in parliamentary democracies
Specialization benefits both buyers and sellers because it provides seller with revenue while buyer gets needed import
Which of the following nations has a government that is best described as a theocracy? Iran
Efforts to improve the health care of Indians is an example of a(n) investment in human capital
When China attempts to restrict US products sold in its country, it is imposing political trade barriers
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