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speaker Somebody who talks in front of a crowd
prisoner somebody who is in jail
traveler somebody who goes a lot of different places
believer somebody who thinks strongly of a religion or something that other people might not think about in there lives
admirer somebody who looks up to somebody else
defender somebody who protects something
attacker somebody who harms somebody in a physical way
director somebody who leads in a musical activity
survivor somebody who stays alive in difficult situations
creator somebody who makes or designs something
decorator somebody who helps make things look better
visitor a guest that comes over to your house
inventor somebody who creates new things
historian somebody who teaches history
Asain somebody who was born in Asia
librarian somebody who works at a book store with free books
Australian somebody who was born in Austrailia
guardian somebody who watches after you
civilian a person not in the army or a police
artist somebody who draws, paints, sketches, and more
terrorist somebody who kills or severely injures someone
vocalist somebody who sings
finalist somebody who is one of the people in the final four or two
specialist a person who concentrates primarily on a particular subject or activity; a person highly skilled in a specific and restricted field
Created by: Lydia Struble
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