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Semester 1 Final

What is the term for someone who supports American Independence? Patriot
What is the term for someone who wants America to remain a colony of England? Loyalist
What was the name of the religious movement that helped to inspire revolutionary thought in the colonies? The Great Awakening
What were some of the taxes that the British forced American Colonists to pay? The Stamp Act, The Sugar Act
What was the first battle of the American Revolution? Lexington and Concord
What is the document published by the Founding Fathers that declared independence from England? The Declaration of Independence
Which countries/regions did the American Revolution inspire? France, Latin America, Ireland
Which Article of the Constitution is the longest? Article I
What was a weakness of the Articles of Confederation? The central government could not tax or raise money
What was the name of the plan that was favored by small states and based representation on every state getting the same amount of votes during the Constitutional Convention? The New Jersey Plan
What was the name of the slave compromise during the Constitutional Convention? the 3/5ths Compromise
Which state did not attend the Constitutional Convention? Rhode Island
What do Federalists support? A strong central government and the creation of the Constitution
What do anti-Federalists support? A government where individual states are stronger than the central government
What is the Bill of Rights? The first ten amendments to the Constitution.
Which Amendment protects your right to free speech, free press, and freedom of religion? The First Amendment
Which Amendments are included under "Citizen Protections"? The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Amendments
According to the Supreme Court's interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, what can we NOT ban? Handguns
Who are three people you can contact that represent you locally? State Senator, State Assemblyman, Congressman
Who wrote the Bill of Rights? James Madiosn
Created by: MsCobb