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Lesson 18 PA History

4th Grade Social Studies

Keystone a wedge shaped stone
tax money that is paid for services provided by the government
First Continental Congress first meeting of colonial leaders in Philadelphia 1774
Second Continental Congress meeting of colonial leaders held in Philadelphia in 1775
Declaration of Independence written statement that said the American colonies were independent and free from England.
What are 2 nicknames for Pennsylvania The Keystone State The Quaker State
When was the Declaration of Independence written? 1776
Who were the father's of the Declaration of Independence? Thomas JeffersonBenjamin FranklinJohn Adams
When was the First Continental Congress? 1774
When was the Second Continental Congress? 1775
What caused the founding father's to form the First Continental Congress? Excessive taxes by the English
How did PA become known as the Quaker State? PA's founding father, William Penn, was a Quaker.
How did PA become known as the Keystone State? Philadelphia became the location where the 13 colonies united to initiate their freedom from England.
What were the results of the First Continental Congress? colonists stopped buying English goodscolonists stopped buying tea to stop the king from passing more taxes.
What was the result of the Second Continent Congress The colonies would go to war to break free from England.
Created by: czeponis