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APUSH 13/17

The Jacksonian charge that JQ Adams wont he presidency through a corrupt bargain arose because: After Clay threw his support to Adams, he was appointed Sec. of State.
What was now a factor that made JQ Adams presidency a political failure? Adam's attempt to treat Indians fairly
Andrew Jackson's strong appeal to the common people arose partly because: he had RISEN FROM THE MASSES and reflected many of their prejudices in his personal attitudes and outlook.
One political development that demonstrated the power of the new popular democratic movement in politics was: The use of party loyalty as the primary qualification for appointing people to public office.
Jackson's fundamental approach during the S. Carolina nullification crisis was to: mobilize a sizable military force and threaten to hang nullifiers.
Under the surface of the South's strong opposition to the Tariff of Abominations was: a fear of growing federal power that might interfere with slavery.
Some S.E. Indian tribes like the Cherokees were notable for their: development of effective agri., educational, and political institutions.
In promoting his policy of Indian Removal, Jackson: acted against the advice of his cabinet and military commanders.
Jackson's veto of the Bank recharter bill represented: assertion of presidential power on behalf of western farmers and other debtors.
One imp. result of Jackson's destruction of the Bank was: the lack of a stable banking system to finance the era of rapid industrialization.
Among the political innovations that first appeared in the election of 1832 were: 3rd party campaigning, nation conventions, and party platforms.
In the immediate aftermath of the successful Texas Revolution: Texas petitioned to join the US but was refused admission.
The Panic of 1837 and the severe depression was caused by: Over speculation and Jackson's hard money financial policies.
Prominent leaders of the Whig Party: Daniel Webster and Henry Clay
Significance of William Henry Harrison's victory in the election of 1840 was that it: showed the Whigs could practice the new mass democratic politics as successfully as the Democrats.
National Conventions new method of nominating presidential candidates that involved wider participation.
Anti-Masonic Party small, short lived 3rd political party that originated nominating presidential candidates.
Evangelical Protestants Religious believers, who sought to use political power for moral and religious reform.
Masons Ritualistic secret societies that became target of powerful 3rd party in 1832.
Black Hawk War Conflict of 1832 in which the Sauk and Fox Indians of IL and WI were defeated by the fed. troops and state militias.
John C. Calhoun Former VP; leader of S. Carolina nullifiers, enemy of Jackson
Nicholas Biddle Bank president.
Sequoyah Cherokee leader
David Crocket Original leader of American settlers in Texas; land grant from Mexican government
Sam Houston Victory at San Jacinto in 1836 won Texas its independence.
Osceola Seminole leader; guerrilla warfare.
Santa Anna Mexican General
Black Hawk IL-WI area Sauk leader; defeated by American militia in 1832
Harrison Old Tippecanoe, hard drinking common man of the frontier.
Democrats Political party that stressed individual liberty, rights of common people.
Whigs Pol. party that favored activist gov., high tariffs, internal improvements,
The conflict between Tyler and Whig leaders like Clay took place over issues of: banking and tariff policy.
Among major sources of the tension between Britain and the US in the 1840s was: American involvement in Canadian rebellions and border disputes.
The Aroostook War involved a: battle between American and Canadian lumberjacks over the northern Maine boundary.
During the early 1840s, Texas maintained its independence by: establishing friendly relations with Britain and other European powers.
Texas was finally admitted to the Union in 1844 as a result of: Tyler's interpretation of the election of 1844 as a mandate to acquire Texas.
Manifest Destiny represented the widespread 19th century American belief that: God had destined the US to expand across the whole N.A. continent.
The British finally agreed to concede to the US the Oregon territory between Columbia River and the 49th parallel because: they did not really want to fight a war over territory that American settlers might overrun.
Clay lost the election of 1844 to Polk because: his attempt to straddle Texas annexation issue, lost votes to antislavery Liberty party in NY
Direct cause of Mexican War: Mexico's refusal to sell CA to US
Polk determined that US must acquire San Fran from Mexico because the harbor of San Fran Bay was considered the crucial gateway to the entire Pacific Ocean
Spot Resolutions Lincolns resolution demanding Polk specify the exact spot on American soil where American blood had been shed.
American military campaign that captured Mexico City Winfield Scott
Treat of Guadalupe Hidalgo ending Mexican War provided for American acquisition of 1/2 of Mexico and payment of several million dollars in compensation.
Major domestic consequence of Mexican War: sharp revival of the issue of slavery
Caroline American ship involved in supply Canadian rebels that was sunk by British forces, sparked international crisis between Britain and US
Arstook War Fighting between American and Canadian lumberjacks over Maine boundary.
54 40 Northern boundary of Oregon territory jointly occupied with Britain, advocated by Democratic party
Oregon Trail 2 thousand mile long path where Americans journey to Willamette Valley.
Liberty party small antislavery party that took enough votes from Clay to cost him the election of 1844
Tariff of 1842 reduced tariff law sponsored by Polk's secretary of Treasury, produced revenue and bolstered US economy.
Rich Mexican province that Polk was determined to buy and Mexico refused to sell CA
Buena Vista site of major victory by american troops under Zachary Taylor over Mexican troops in Santa Anna.
John Tyler president who spent most of his time in office in feuds w/ his fellow whigs
John C. Freemon led overthrow of Mexican rule in CA
David Wilmont author of resolution forbidding slavery in territory acquired from Mexico
Nicholas Trist negotiated Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Rio Grande claimed by US as southern boundary of Texas
Darkhorse in 1844 election: Polk
WM Henry Harrison 1840, beat Van Buren, Major changes in American politics, America bowing to rights of people, Dies from Pneumonia after longest inaugural speech.
President w/ great record of foreign affairs: JQ Adams
Nullification Crisis: S. Carolina wanted to nullify tariff of 1828, Jackson vetoed it.
1846 War W/ Mexico: Annexation of Texas
Election of 1832: Jackson beat Clay
Northwestern territory in dispute between US and Britain: Oregon Territory
Oregon Treaty: 1846--US and Britain, 49th parallel
Presidential Election of 1844: Clay and Polk, Manifest Destiny, Polk won
John Calhoun: led the S. Carolina Exposition
Whigs: pro-bank, tariff
Wilmot Proviso: dispute whether Mexican territory US won during Mexican war should be free or slave, Wilmot decided it should be free
Voter participation reached 80% in what election: 1840s
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Trist, Ended Mexican/American War, Mexico gave up all claims from Texas to California for $15 million
Van Buren: lost to Harrison in 1840; destruction of 2nd bank, blocked annexation of Texas, panic of 1837
Good Sec. of State, bad President JQ Adams
JQ Adams Nationalistic when country was going towards sectionalism, fund roads/canals, national university, astronomical observatory, Westerners disliked him
Presidential Election of 1824: Crawford, JQ Adams, Jackson, Clay, no majority, House of Reps choose top 3, Clay eliminated, then threw support to Adams. Last old style election
Clay lost in 1824 election--became sec. of state, Great Compromiser, lost 2nd election b/c he tried to straddle idea of Texas
How clay favored South favored annexing slaveholding Texas
How clay favored North favored postponment
Support for Jackson came from: West and South
Support for Adams came from: New England and Northeast
Tariff of 1828 protected US from: British competition, in effect drove up prices for US
Led Indians in resisting the move but was defeated: Black Hawk
Alexis de Tocqueville: Democracy in America, general equality of condition among people, advantages/disadvantages of democracy, industrial aristocracy
Divorce Bill separate government from banks altogether
Aroostook War: Bloodless war between Americans and Canada, boundary of Maine, Canadian lumberjacks sent to war, Maine tried to eject them. Settled by Webster Ash Treaty of 1842. Official border between Maine and Canada
Anti-Masonic Party:
Buena Vista:
Conscience Whigs
Moses Austin
54 40
Antislavery party that took votes form Clay and cost him election of 1844 Liberty Party
River Mexico claimed as Texas Mexico boundary Nueces River
Campaign method Whigs used to get Harrison log cabins and hard cider
Panic of 1837 get rich quick craze, wildcat banks, failure of wheat crops, British Banks failed---US banks failed
Created by: lbielinski