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Ch. 6 section 3

Important people, events, and places

Joseph Brant He was a Mohawk chief who sided with the British, but talked about the British mistreating his people. He led attacks.against Americans in southwestern New York and northern Pennsylvania.
George Rogers Clark He was a lieutenant colonel in the Virginia militia. His goal was to end attacks by the British on western settlers. He and his troops won at Kaskaskia, IL. He and his troops took Vincennes, lost Vincennes, and retook it from the British for good.
John Paul Jones He was a daring Naval Officer who raided British ports. He is noted for the quote,"I have not yet begun to fight." He was an American naval hero.
Battle of Moore's Creek It was a small battle near Wilmington, North Carolina. This battle made the British realize that bringing the American colonies back into the British empire would not be easy.
General Charles Cornwallis He was commander of the British forces in the South after General Henry Clinton.
Francis Marion He was a guerrilla warfare leader know as the Swamp Fox. He was from eastern South Carolina.
Nathanael Greene He replaced General Gates as the commander of the Continental forces in the South. He split his forces.1) This group defeated the British at Cowpens, South Carolina. 2) This group joined Marion's guerrilla raiders. He reunited his forces in March 1781.
Created by: mshellabarger