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Texas Revolution

In charge of all Troops during the Revolution Sam Houston
Houston's Trusted scout. He destroyed Vince's Bridge just before the battle of San Jacinto Deaf Smith
In charge of Texan Troops at Goliad. He was executed along with his men. James Fannin
Alamo defender who, before falling ill, was co-commander with William Travis Jim Bowie
Tejano Alamo Defender. He was away getting reinforcements during the battle. Juan Sequin
Commander of Texan Troops at the Alamo William Travis
Writer of Texas Declaration of Independence George Childress
How many days was the siege at the Alamo? 13 Days
What army attacked Who at the Alamo? Mexican army Attacked Texan
______ promised to kill all Texans during or after the ______, and he went through with it. Santa Anna; Alamo
______ won the Battle of the Alamo. This gave ______ 13 to raise and train an army Santa Anna; Sam Houston
_________ and his men surrendered to ______ Troops at _____ _____. James Fannin; Mexican Troops; Coleto Creek
After surrendering ____ and his men were taken back to _____ __ _____ at Goliad.They were then ______ James Fannin: Presidio La Bahia; Executed
The ________ ______ occurred as a result to the Goliad ______. Runaway Scrape; Massacre
- Temp. Gov't. was established - Sam Houston was put in Charge of Texan Army - Declaration of Independence was Written Convention of 1836
Texas declared independence from ______, US from _____ _______ Mexico; Great Britten
After retreating from _____ ____ for a few weeks, ___ _______ ordered Texans to attack on _____ __, ____ Santa Anna; Sam Houston; April 21, 1836
____ _____ destoyed Vinces Bridge (Only way out) Deaf Smith
Battle of San Jacinto lasted __ minutes. 18
_____ ____ was captured the day after the Battle of San Jacinto. Santa Anna
Following his capture at ___ _______, Santa Anna was forced to sign the ________ __ _______. This granted Texas complete Independence and is now call San Jacinto; Treaties of Velasco; Republic of Texas
Created by: S_Taylor
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