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SS Exam 7th

1st semester

How did the French and Indian War contribute to the American Revolution? British in debt after war. raised money by passing the stamp act on colonist.
What were the land claims after the French and Indian War? French had a few sugar growing islands. spain gets Louisiana britian gets upper Canada and florida
What was the American fort taken over by British and renamed Fort Pitt Fort Duquesne
Who was William Pitt? Head of the British government during the French and Indian War
What were the objections to the Stamp Act? the colonist said no taxation without representation
What were the causes of the Proclamation of 1763? british leaders thught that morefighting would take place on American indian lands
What were the effects of the Proclamation of 1763 the law made an imaginary line across the Appalachian mountains hat wouldn't let British cross to trade with the Americans
Who were the Sons of Liberty? Colonists who protested British policies
What was the Committee of Correspondence? a government formed by the pratiot leaders
What were the Townshend Acts? a series of acts passed by parliament
What was the Boston Massacre? when the british attacked back on the colonist and killed about to 8 people
What was the Tea Act? when the british raised taxes on all tee
What were the Intolerable Acts? the punishment for the boston tea party
What was the Boston Tea Party? when the colonist dumped all he tea that cam in over he boston harbor
What was the British East India Tea Company? company ade by queen Elizabeth I
Lexington and concord soilders were going to leington but got stopped in concord so they fought and won andwent to lexington
What was the citizen army that served during times of emergency? Militia
Rode through town warning "The British Are Coming" Paul Revere
Blacksmith leader of Green Mountain Boys Ethan Allen
"I've not yet begun to fight" John Paul Jones
Urged people to fight against Britian. Wrote RULE and COMMON SENSE Thomas Paine
British general who surrounded Yorktown Cornwallis
who trained American soilders Benedict Arnold
who came out of the swamps during the night Frances Marion
who was French and visited Missouri Marquis de Lafayette
What were the advantages of the American army? they lived very close and fighting for their homes land and shops
What were the disadvantages of the American army? they had the worst army in America
What were the advantages of the British army? they had the best army in the world
What were the disadvantages of the British army? hey had to wait a long time for troops and ammunition to come
What were the 3 main parts of the Declaration of Independence? national rights independence british wrongs
what was the battle against the hessians troops Battle of Trenton
What were the agreements of the Treaty of Paris? britian and French signed the petition
What were the new borders of the Treaty of Paris? the great lakes mississipi florida
What were the flaws of the Articles of Confederation? 1. Couldn't repay borrowed money- printed new money which became worthless - states printed their own money 2. Congress couldn't solve disputes between states 3. Spain closed Mississippi to Americans in New Orleans 4. Britain refused to withdraw troops
What were the successes of the Articles of Confederation? paper money was invented
what was the rebellion called when the colonist rebelled on taxes Shays' Rebellion
wht was the name of the convention in Philadelphia Constitutional Convention
What was James Madison's role in the Constitutional Convention? to write down all that was said at the meeting
Nat'l government with 3 branches, executive, legislative, and judicial Virginia Plan
what was the proposal to give states senators and representatives not by population New Jersey Plan
Passed the laws, 2 houses - Senate and House of Representatives Legislative Branch
Carried out the laws Executive Branch
Decided if the laws were fair and constitutional Judicial Branch
what was the compromise called that said all states get 2 senators and representatives by population Great Compromise
3/5 of all slaves counted in the population for determining representatives Three-Fifths Compromise
Created by: kandomom
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