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US-Bill of Rights

Study Guide for Bill of Rights Test

What are the two parts of the freedom of religion? Establishment Clause Free Exercise Clause
Do students in a public school have fewer or more rights than they do outside the school? Fewer
When the Supreme Court has ruled on the freedom of speech, have they tended to restrict very offensive speech or allowed very offensive speech? Allowed very offensive speech
What is the key word to a person's right to assemble? peaceably
The right to ask the government to solve a problem is the right to... petition the government for a redress of grievances
The right to bear arms is the right to... own guns
What is the word for your right to be protected from having soldiers kept in your house against your will in a time of peace? Quartering
What is the key word in your right to be protected from governmental searches and seizures? unreasonable
What are the key words the government must meet if they want a judge to issue a search warrant? probable cause
No person can be tried for a capital or infamous crime unless there has been an indictment or presentment by a... Grand Jury
What is the two words that mean a person may not be tried for the same crime twice? Double Jeopardy
What are the three words that mean you don't have to testify against yourself? Plead the Fifth
You have a right to __?__. This means the government must follow certain procedures to insure that you receive fair treatment as an accused person. Due process
What is the key words if the government is going to take your property away from you for public use? just compensation
When an accused person goes to trial, they have a right to a __?__ and __?__ trial. speedy and public
When the accused person goes to trial, they have a right to a __?__ jury. impartial
In almost all cases, where will a trial take place? where the crime was committed
The accused also has the right to confront the __?__ against him and to call his own__?__. witnesses
The accused has a right to an __?__, and if he can't afford one, one will be appointed to him. (Thank you, Mr. Bradley) attorney
The 7th Amendment gives someone the right to a __?__ . jury trial
What is the key word about the type of bail and fines that can be imposed? excessive
The government cannot impose what type of punishment on someone found guilty of a crime? cruel and unusual
According to the 9th Amendment, are the 26 rights listed in the Bill of Rights, the only rights people have? No
According to 10th Amendment, the powers not given to the national government or prohibited to the state governments are reserved for the __?__. States
Which amendment says that people have a right to own guns? Second
Which amendment protects the accused from unreasonable search and seizures and against warrants issued without probable cause? Fourth
Which amendment protects the accused from being accused of the same crime twice, cannot be deprived of life, liberty, and property without due process of the law, and cannot have their private property taken for public use without just compensation? Fifth
Which amendment gives people freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, the right to peaceably assemble, and the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances? First
Which amendment says the government cannot require excessive bail or fines and cannot impose punishments that are cruel and unusual? Eighth
Which amendment deals with the rights of the accused to receive a speedy and public trial, are informed about the accusations against them, can confront the witnesses against them, and have an attorney? Sixth
What is the name of the rights, that police must recite to you when you are arrested? Miranda Rights
"States Rights" is a short way to describe which amendment? Tenth
Which amendment says you have more rights than the ones listed in the Bill of Rights? Ninth
The government cannot make you go to a particular church or punish you for going to a particular church. These are examples of which part of your freedom of religion? Establishment Clause
You may bring your Bible to school and read it. You may bow your head and pray before lunch. You may wear a crucifix on a necklace. These are examples of which part of your freedom of religion? Free Exercise Clause
Does free speech mean you have the right to say anything you want to say at anytime you want to say it? No, you don't have a right to yell "fire" in a crowded movie theatre because it may result in people getting injured.
Which amendment said that Mary Beth Tinker had a right to wear a black arm band in school to protest the Vietnam war? First, it was free speech
Which amendment allows the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka to protest against homosexuality? First, it is free speech
The government may use Eminent Domain to seize your property, but only if... it is for public use and you receive "just" compensation
What must law enforcement prove to a judge before they can get a warrant to search your property? probable cause
The 3rd Amendment has never really been an issue in the United States since the colonial and revolutionary times of our history. What does the 3rd Amendment deal with? Quartering troops in homes
Created by: ColbyHistory
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