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Global ch 6&10 vocab

Senate A type of government used by the early Romans, which brought people of different backgrounds together to decide laws
Plebeians Farmers, traders, and merchants who made up the bulk of the population and represented these same people in the senate
Patricians Land owning upper class people who represented these same people in the senate
Aqueduct Bridge like structure that brought water from the hills into the Roman cities
Pope Head of the Roman Catholic Church
Autocrat A sole ruler with complete authority, similar to Roman emperors
Patriarch Highest church official in the Orthodox Church
Schism A spirit in a religion that creates a new religion
Icons Holy images (paintings) found in the Christian religion
Boyar Russian landowning nobles that has significant power in early Russia
Czar The Russian word for Caesar, a title given to early Russian leaders
Ethnic group A large group of people who share the same language and cultural heritage
Bureaucracy A system of managing government through departments run by appointed officials
Mosaics A style of art that blended different materials to bring scenes from the bible to life
Preservation To keep something in good condition, to maintain
Chaos The absence of order and management
Diaspora The scattering of the Jewish people from their homeland in Palestine
Reform A change made for the better
Corruption The concept of doing so,etching that is opposite of the ideal behavior. Examples include the bribery of public officials of selling ones position for personal advantages
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