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1st Sem ACP Review

The American Revolution

Who was the principle author of the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
This document listed the grievances Colonists had against the King of England. The Declaration of Independence.
This document contains the line "all men are created equal" The Declaration of Independence
What was the purpose of the Declaration of Independence? To inform England that the colonies would no longer be a part of the British Empire.
The British defeat at this location signaled the end of the American Revolution. Yorktown
The Declaration of Independence states that people have rights that cannot be taken away from them. What are these rights are called? unalienable rights
This treaty ended the American Revolution Treaty of Paris 1783
The American Army spent a winter in this location. It came to symbolize the hardships American's were willing to endure for freedom. Valley Forge
General George Washington took a risk giving his soldiers the small pox virus in order to keep them from catching the disease. What is this procedure called today? Inoculation.
When a person survives a disease such as small pox, they can never again catch the virus that causes the disease. This is the process of becoming what? Immune.
Created by: Neotes