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Chapter 7

Launching the Nation

You believe the federal government should keep tariffs low and allow you to buy foreign goods to use at your farm; you also believe the federal government should have limited power. What political party are you in?
If you believe that the development of industry can help our country become more self-sufficient and independent, then who you would most like agree with?
Who did President Washington appoint as his secretary of the treasury?
Who did President Washington appoint as his secretary of state?
What groups formed during the election of 1796 in order to elect people with similar beliefs and help shape laws
What did Alexander Hamilton want the federal government to buy back in order to gain Americans’ trust?
What treaty set the boundary between Florida and Georgia at 31 degrees North latitude?
What was the importance of President Washington setting up his cabinet with different departments for different areas of national policy?
What did Thomas Jefferson want the US economy to be based on?
Why did Congress pass a tax on American-made whiskey in 1791?
What did George Washington warn Americans against in his Farewell Address?
What role did Martha Washington have as the first First Lady?
Who selected George Washington to be the first President in 1789?
What treaty ended U.S. fighting with American Indians and allowed the government to enter American Indian lands in the Northwest Territory?
What did Hamilton want the federal government to pay in order to help the national economy?
What laws allowed President Adams to remove foreign residents he that were involved in plots against the government?
Where did most Americans live in 1790?
Who led the American Indian group that defeated American forces in the Northwest Territory in 1790 and 1791?
Who lost the election of 1796 and later tried to declare the Alien and Sedition Acts illegal?
What was Alexander Hamilton’s biggest challenge as Treasury Secretary?
You are a merchant in New York City. You want the federal government to raise tariffs so that your manufactured products are cheaper than foreign products. What political party would you belong to?
Why were farmers in western Pennsylvania angry that cases about the law were tried in district court?
Who won the election of 1796 and became the second President of the United States?
Who founded the Federalist Party?
When the first Congress set up the Judicial Branch by creating three levels of federal courts, this decision would serve as example for future governments to follow. What is this an example of?
What treaty changed the Florida border and reopened the port at New Orleans to American farmers?
In the late 1700s, what two cities had populations greater than 25,000?
What did the United States refuse to send to France to help in its war against Britain because of neutrality?
Why did Supreme Court Chief Justice John Jay go to London to discuss a treaty with Great Britain?
Which men believed in a strong federal government?
What city was the first capital of the United States?
Thomas Jefferson did not believe that Congress had the power to create a national bank bc nowhere in the Constitution does it say that the federal government can create a national bank. What type of view does Thomas Jefferson have of the Constitution?
Why did the capital city move from New York City to Philadelphia while Washington, D.C. was being built?
For which reasons did Hamilton want a national bank?
Many Americans supported the French Revolution because they believed the French were trying to create a __________.
What countries did Washington not want to take sides with when he issued the Neutrality Proclamation?
What was President Washington’s view on the national bank?
If you believe that a democracy is possible only in a country where farmers work their farms, and you believe industry will destroy the republic, you would most like agree with who?
What law created three levels of federal courts within the Judicial Branch?
What did Hamilton believe would best grow the American economy?
What law supported the idea that states could challenge the federal government by declaring the Alien and Sedition Acts unconstitutional?
French agents asked American officials for a bribe during the XYZ Affair to consider a __________ between the U.S. and France.
What two things did most Americans want from their new government?
What was an early goal of John Adams’s presidency?
Created by: Mr. Romaire