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Social Studies

Chapter 7 Section 1 Test 12-11-2015

In What year did the first Acadian Group Arrive in Louisiana?
The Acadians were given supplies from ________________ warehouses. government
The Acadians were sent to live in the _______________ region. Attakapa
The Acadians raised ________________on prairies. livestock
The Acadians increased numbers in ________________. colony
Present day Louisiana is home to descendants of ______________. Acadians
The Acadians exiled from _______________ _____________. French Acadia
Peasants came from __________ to _______________ in 1632. France to Canada
What did the Acadians value? land, family & Catholic Faith
Who was accused by a British officer of refusal to take an oath of allegiance to the Protestant British King? The Acadians
The Acadians were sent to ____________ colonies on the _____________ Coast. British, Atlantic
Government official sent by the French to transfer the colony to Spain in 1763 was known as what? The Secret Transfer
The Secret Transfer was kept a secret from the ____________. Colonists
On September 30, 1764 there was a official announcement regarding the transfer of the colony from _____________ to _____________. France to Spain
The colonists were bitter about a _______________ of France. betrayal
Jean Milhet (the leader) selected to urge France to keep ______________. Louisiana
Jean Milhet and Bienville tried to persuade the officials not to give up ___________________. Louisiana
In 1766 who was sent by Spain as Louisiana's 1st Spanish Governor? Antonio de Uloa
Antonio de Uloa had little ability as a _______________ leader. forceful
As Antonio ruled as governor, he was confusing to _____________. colonists
Antonio de Uloa made ______________ changes. unpopular
Antonio de Uloa worked with _____________ officials to conduct business of the colony. French
Antonio de Uloa tried to impose _____________ trade rules on the colony. Spanish
In 1768 who rebelled against Antonio de Uloa? mob
The people appealed to the French King (King Louis XV) to return Louisiana to a ______________ Family. French
Who is the French King? King Louis XV
Who is the Spanish King? King Carlos III
King Louis XV, of France had no desire to offend ally, King Carlos III, of Spain. What did King Louis XV ignore? Pleas
The Colony was an expensive _______________ to maintain. burden
Help was requested from the _______________ governor at __________. British, Pensacola
The rebellious actions by the colonists were considered by the Spanish to be ___________________. treason
Who was selected to regain and control the colony? Alejandro (Alexander) O'Reilly
_____________ of Spain was asserted by O'Reilly. Power
O'Reilly required colonists to take an oath of _______ to Spain. Allegiance
Leader's of the rebellion were sentenced to ____________ or _______. death or prison
What was O'Reilly called by the French? Bloody O'Reilly
Created by: Braden319
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