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What was the outcome of the second Punic war? who were the leaders for each side? Scipio kills Hannibal
What happened to Julius Caesar? When and Where? He was stabbed 23 times to death. Senate-House, March 15 44 BCE
Who was the first emperor of the roman empire? What name did he take for himself and what does it mean? Octavian(2nd trium) Augustus, Majestic.
During the early years of the Republic who was eligible to be a senator? Wealthy landowning aristocrats-patricians
Who were Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus? Brothers who were trying to reform the ill of society. They were at murdered the orders of the Senate for their efforts
What happened to Mark Antony and Cleopatra? They committed suicide to avoid the public humiliation. Octavian won the battle of Actium
Ptolemy is know for what? The earth is at the center of the universe.
What group of people were the original settlers in the area around the Tiber Rivet (where Rome developed) Latins
What type of government did the early Romans establish? Why? Republic. No one could hold power to long
Who headed the Republican government(first 500 years of Rome)? Consuls
Who struggled for power during the early years of the Republic? Plebeians-Commoners Patricians-Aristocrats
List the reforms of Julius Caesar Granted roman citizenship to many people in provinces. expanded the senate(made larger) by adding friends and supporters. helped the poor by crating jobs like public construction. started colonies to give
Pax Romana Period of peace
Republic a form of government in which the leader is not a king or queen
aqeuduct A water channel
patricians wealthy, aristocratic landowners who controlled the government in Rome through the Senate (during the Republic).
plebians majority of people of Rome including artisans, shopkeepers, and small farmers. They had little control during the early years of the Republic.
gladiators fighting animals and humans for public entertainment.
latifundia a large farming estate owned by a wealthy aristocrat and run by mainly slave labor.
legion a group of 5,000-6,000 soldiers organized into a large unit. They are then broken into smaller groups of 60 to 120 men.
triumvirate a group of 3 rulers- political alliance of 3 people (near the end of the Republic).
rhetoric the art of public speaking- Roman boys learned this in school as one of their subjects.
currency Money system
vault rows of arches that were built next to one another and created a curved or vaulted ceiling. It allowed Romans to build domed ceilings.
paterfamilias “father of the family” oldest male who controlled the household- he had complete control over family members and family affairs.
praetors important Roman officials who interpreted the law and acted as judges in court cases.
consuls two officials, both patricians, who were chosen every year (usually by the Senate) to direct the Roman government (during the Republic). They headed the army and ran the government.
Cogn Learn
cede Go, Yeild
Jur Law
Cred Beleive
Div God
Mar Sea
Cise/Cide Cut
grat Pleasing
Corp Body
Nav Ship
Aud Hear
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